Mar 10, 2012

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We had such a blast with Jackie of jackiesue photography; it was a fun evening and something that helped cement the fact that we were engaged and getting married.  We ended up with 40 pictures, with some B&W variations.  I've included the color photos here.


We had Jackie help us recreate the proposal.  Here are some pictures from that shoot.


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I kept track of my to-do list; if you like it, please feel free to borrow it.

Choose a color scheme / theme (12/20/2010)

Determine a date (02/01/2011)

Search for a ceremony venue and reception venue (12/20/2010)

Decide on a budget (12/20/2010)

Start the guest list (12/20/2010)

Create your wedding website (12/20/2010)

Search for a ceremony musician (12/24/2010)

Start shopping for gown (05/20/2011)

Choose the members of your wedding party (05/01/2011)

Search for a wedding stationer (05/20/2011)

Design and create favors (05/20/2011)

Purchase gifts for bridal party (05/20/2011)

Determine your ceremony music selections (09/10/2011)

Book your photographer for e-pics and wedding (05/30, 08/16/2011)

Book your invitations vendor (05/30/2011)

Select dress and place order (05/30/2011)

Search for wedding cake maker (06/03/2011)

Search for hairstylist (06/03/2011)

Search for officiant (06/07/2011)

Order wedding cake (06/10/2011)

Set up wedding registries and add to website (06/17/2011)

Book the ceremony and reception venue (08/21/2011)

Finalize guest list (07/10/2011)

Start shopping for bridesmaids dresses (07/09/2011)

Book officiant (07/17/2011)

Select bridesmaids dresses; have attendants place orders (07/16/2011)

Plan rehearsal dinner (09/09)

Let OOT guests know about hotels in area (01/15/2012)

Select and confirm rentals (09/13/2011, 02/16/2012)

Finalize rehearsal dinner venue (01/18/2012)

Check and update registries (CONSTANTLY!)

Plan and book honeymoon (12/04/2011)

Choose groom's attire (08/12/2011)

Purchase accessories for gown--headpiece, jewelry, lingerie, garter, shoes (09/30/2011, 12/, 09/17/2011, 12/20/2011, 09/15/2011)

Schedule ceremony rehearsal and notify attendants (01/18/2012)

Finalize text for invitations and order (09/05, 01/06/2012)

Book hair appointment (01/07)

Choose groomsmen attire; send info to rent (08/12/2011)

Discuss and confirm plans for bach parties and showers (02/24/2012, 12/20/2011)

Address invitations (01/25/2012)

Schedule fitting appointments

  • First fitting--(10/29/2011)
  • Second fitting--(01/19/2012)
  • Third fitting--(01/22/2012)

Purchase wedding bands (11/19/2011)

Send out invitations (01/27/2012)

Create bouquets and bouts (01/07/2012, 02/06/2012)

Purchase guest book box and pens (01/26/2012)

Send thank you notes for gifts (???)

Finalize order of service with officiant (01/15/2012)

Design and print programs and favor sign (02/27/2012)

Design and create bride and groom signs for dressing rooms (03/03/2012)

Research marriage license requirements (08/20/2011)

Alert wedding party of rehearsal and rehearsal dinner (01/18/2012)

Get ceremony and reception music copies to venue for review (01/18/2012)

Pick up wedding rings (12/02/2011)

Create a wedding day schedule; give to all attendants and vendors (03/06/2012)

Obtain marriage license (02/14/2012)

Contact guests who haven't RSVPed 

Make sure vendors will have access to site 

Confirm head count and delivery time with wedding cake vendor (03/06/2012)

Determine wedding day assignments for attendants and confirm with them (03/05/2012)

Pick up tuxes (03/07/2012)

Shop and pack for honeymoon (03/08/2012)

Confirm photographer and "must-take" photo list (02/26/2012)

Confirm wedding day beauty appointments (03/09/2012)

Confirm all honeymoon travel plans; give itinerary and phone number to someone in case of emergency. (03/05/2012)

Pull together wedding day attire and emergency kit (3/9/2012)

Rehearse the ceremony with officiant and wedding party (3/9/2012)

Give FH his gift (3/10/2012)

GET HITCHED! (3/10/2012)


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wedding ticker


On March 10, 2012, I officially went from a Miss to a Mrs. by marrying my best friend, and it could not have been more beautiful.  Even though it was raining, nothing could have stopped it from being the best day of our lives.  

Through our sixteen month engagement, we discovered that a beautiful wedding can be done with a very limited budget.  Even though we're bombarded with bridal shows and magazines, SYTTD  and the "average" amount spent on a wedding, DH and I realized that we don't necessarily need all of that, and we still received many compliments over the beauty and love shown through our big day.

It's my hope that my bio may bring some slight inspiration to brides going through the planning stages just as many inspired me.

If you use any of the pictures in my bio, please give credit to the appropriate source, myself, or jackiesue photography.


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My DH picked out my ring all by himself--he only asked me what metal I liked and what cut of diamond.  I told him, and I admit, I was a little concerned with what he would pick.  But apparently he'd been looking at rings for awhile, and when he saw this one, he knew it was the one for me, and he was right!

The Bling photo 1

This one was taken right after he proposed (it needed to be sized, but dang it, I was going to wear it!)

The Bling photo 2

And after it was sized...

The Bling photo 3


With the shape of my ring being so unusual, I've had a difficult time finding a wrap, guard, or tracer to go with it that's not an arm and a leg.  We finally went with sterling silver bands from James Avery.  

This is  my band with my e-ring.


This is DH's band.


This is our inscription; it is the same on both rings. 


And as "keeper of the rings", this is me goofing off... 


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Save the Dates

At first we were not going to do these, but then I received some extra money for my birthday.  We made these through, and the template is actually for Christmas cards, but it worked well for us.  We ordered 75 and with the use of coupon codes got them for less than $60.

The Stationery photo 1



My SIL made our invitations as part of our wedding gift.  We are so pleased with their beauty.  We did have to make our own RSVP cards due to some miscommunication (I thought the invitations came with them, but they didn't).  However, I was able to get 100 postcards on Vistaprint for free--I just had to pay the shipping!


The wording reads as follows:


They have experienced love from our Lord

Through their church, their family, their friends,

And now each other.

Christina ----- -----


Wesley ----- -----

joyfully request your presence

to witness before God and man

as they exchange marriage vows

on Saturday, the tenth of March

Two thousand and twelve

at two o'clock in the afternoon.

Grace Bible Church

----- ----- ----- -----

-----, Texas

Reception to follow



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If I had to sum up our theme, it would be Jane Austen romance

mixed with some modern chic

Our main color is called Capri (according to David's Bridal)--it's a beautiful light blue.

Of course, it figures that this is one of the colors that's not as popular as others...

My secondary colors are wisteria and champagne.

The flowers will be hydrangeas.  My bouquet will be made up of mostly of blue hydrangeas with blue anemones, blue roses, and white stephanotis.  The wedding cake will also have blue hydrangeas cascading down it.


I plan to do the ribbon on the bouquet the same as in the inspiration pics, but I'm going to use a blue ribbon that matches the capri color.

And my bridesmaids will carry bouquets of cream hydrangeas


 UPDATE:  As of 01/07/2012, the bouquets are finished!  The BMs bouquets are made of cream hydrangeas and are wrapped with a base color that matches each lady's dress and an overwrap of a lace ribbon.  My bouquet has the flowers listed above with added bling; the base of the bouquet is wrapped in capri with a lace ribbon overwrap.  On it is my something old--a ten commandments bracelet my mom received in the 4th grade.


And after seeing mahogonieyes post these in the forum, I went with these adorable paper roses from scrappy9 on etsy for the guys' bouts!  All I did was purchase pin backs and glued them on to the back of the roses and voila!  Simple, clean bouts with a whimsical twist.