Jun 19, 2011

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So Lynnar seems like a very strange name. But its "our name". My friend jokingly gave my FI and I that name because it combines both of our names - Lynné (my middle name) and LaMar. It stuck and we now use it as "our name" at couple events! There's the story!

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On Christmas Eve, we opened all of our presents because my parents were leaving to celebrate their 30th anniversary (yayy!!!). My then, BF was sitting next to me. Out of now where my dad said we have one more thing to talk about....BF??? My BF then asked for my parents blessing. I was shocked because I didn't expect to be there when it happened. lol I was shocked, but after a short conversation, we were given their blessing. I'm actually so glad that I was present. I was able to witness my parents' and brother's blessing on our future marriage. Afterwards we opened presents and went about our errands for the rest of the day. Multiple times during the day, it was hinted in subtle ways that there was to be no engagement that night. So I just prepared myself mentally, so I wouldn't be expecting anything. That evening, we were supposed to get on a boat ride at the National Harbor, but the sun had set and we didn't want to pay on the Sabbath. So we just walked around the Gaylord hotel and down the pier (as our custom). Halfway down the pier, we were talking about him leaving the next day. :(...Then he said...This is a special day for me. I was completely oblivious and kept asking why.. (thinking he was going to say I'm with my baby on Christmas eve <----I was wrong lol) He wouldn't answer me the first couple of times. Then he stopped under a light post and turned to face me. He said Babe...and took out a silver Zales box. My mouth DROPPED!!! He then said Babe, I love you so much and I know that you're the one (he said more than that..but I was so shocked, I wasn't focusing...but I heard those two lines :)...). Then he asked me to sit on the bench. He got to one knee and said babe...will you marry me? Of course I said "YESSSSS!" Then he said..and I quote..."Are you sure??? Because I can take it back"... (lol he's too funny) I said yesss babe! Put it on!!! Then I jumped up! Hugged and kissed him and started tearing. On the way back to the car, I cried like a baby! But I'm so happy that it happened and that I'm truly marrying my best friend...The end! I should make a movie about this! The story is so great!...Then again I'm biased!!! teehehehh.

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Hi PW ladies!

I have been stalking this site for months! He popped the question last night, on Christmas Eve. I have sooo many ideas I want to implement. However, we are both in college and our families are not in the position to help significantly. So if you ladies have any ideas for a elegant, indoor wedding for under $10k Pleaseeeeeeeeee tell me! Lol. Hopefully we can win a couple of contests for free things as well. I look forward to enjoying my time here!


Sorry Ladies, most of my Bio is snooping FI was trying to see my dress. smh!


P.S. I've collected a million and one pictures over the past two years, and only recently started sourcing them. If you see your picture or a friends picture please tell me and I will be sure to source them! 


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