Sep 14, 2013

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changes are in the burlap. 

Black, white/ivory, possibly fuscia/pink for splash of color.  

Baby breaths and mason jars I'm deciding whether to use mini carnations  "hot pink" to give the venue a pop of color !!! nice. thanks to project wedding for photo below....can't remember whose it is.



...soooo when guests arrive..going along with my park/tree theme... "The Wedding Tree" guest sign in...

Thanks Etsy..


I will have this on the tables (not sure how I will display it), I think my guests will enjoy "WhatTree Did You Fall From?"

Although I will not have a wedding program.... I found this below at Martha Stewart's website: 

 INCLUDING THIS INFO IN THE "what tree did you fall from" above                                        

It seems that “jumping the broom” is a custom that dates back to somewhere
around the 1600s in Africa but has roots in Celtic cultures as well. It has
become a popular African-American wedding ceremony tradition and represents
joining of the two families . Some sources also say that it represents the
“sweeping away” of the old to enter the new part of their lives with their
spouse (or new beginnings). Apparently, the custom originated during the time
of slavery when slaves were not permitted to marry. They would marry secretly
within their community and the act of jumping the broom became a legal bonding act
that legitimized the marriage in the community. Many believe that today,
jumping the broom is a ritual passed down to African-Americans from their
ancestors to remind them of a time when their vows were not legally sanctioned.



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JUST A PICTURE  OMG.....!!!!I will marry my best friend, the closest person to my heart.......thump..thump.... We have known each other for a very long time (since 1996) and it is a wonderful friendship. Seems like forever and a long time coming.   He's from the midwest, I am from the south (eastcoast).  Now we are planning for our future as Mr. and Mrs. It's a wonderful feeling....not to mention that the long distance will come to past.......    

THE PLANNING HAS BEGUN, THERE HAVE BEEN MANY CHANGES.....CHANGES....but I think we got it together now.....  FRIEND ME.....