Jan 14, 2012

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ince we're having a 'destination wedding' (we live in SF, but many of our family and friends are not here) we have decided to start planning early and be sure to give everyone lots of time to plan. To that end, I've been working on my STD cards. Going along with the 'destination' idea, and taking advantage of Vistaprint's freebies, we are sending out a postcard style announcement; it'll save us some postage as well.

Save The Date photo 1    



Save The Date photo 2



I'm debating on whether we'll add a picture of us to the front of the postcard somehow. We haven't done any engagement pictures yet, so if those happen in time I might add it in.





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My fella proposed to me on my birthday in November - it was a beautiful night and I am so excited to be starting this process. I've always loved planning parties and this is THE party.

I was overhwhelmed at first by how much things seemed like they would cost (eek!) but after more research I've calmed down a bit. We're working on a pretty small budget (especially for San Francisco area), but I'm convinced we'll make it magical. I'm planning to do a lot of DIY for decorations; really into the non-flower options for centerpieces and such. We're also planning to have the ceremony/reception in a place with a beautiful view which will help take the pressure off of the need for LOTS of decorations.

So far we have nailed down the date (Jan 2012) and the colors (chocolate and apple green). I also know that we are going to have karaoke at our reception because so many of my guests and I love to sing. 


Asking my  Bridesmaids

One of my visions for my wedding is that the time leading up to the BIG DAY will be a wonderful, fun journey and not just a stressed, maniacal frenzy of to-dos. And since I love to do DIY, I knew that asking my bridesmaids would be my first order of business (plus, then they get to help me with the fun that is still to come!)

I asked each girl informally and after they said yes (!) I told them to look out for a formal invitation soon. Each one got one of these a few days later:

Getting Started photo 1

Getting Started photo 2

Getting Started photo 3

The invites included a poem I wrote for the ladies, and gave information about the wedding, attire, and my promises to not become a crazy-bride.