May 10, 2009

Verde Custom Flowers, Inc.
( 1.8 / 5.0 )
During the "buying" part of the process, when asked what color I wanted the boutennieres i did not specify a color, but rather said that it MUST MATCH the bride's bouquet. The contract even said, "to compliment flowers for bridal party" but then the florist added "-hot pink" with her own specification. I also didn't care what style of flower, just that they match the stunning and expensive bride's bouquet of hot pink orchids. On the wedding day, the hot pink orchids looked more like purple, and the boutennieres looked more like red. RED & PURPLE DO NOT MATCH! They looked UGLY together. The florist argued that she "ordered" hot pink roses for the men, and hot pink orchids for the bouquet. I don't know why no one there "noticed" they they did not match when they received the order, but the whole thing looked ugly, and really upset me, and now I have it in my wedding photos forever. I still haven't looked at the video. I hate to look at it. It was very upsetting, and ruins my memory of the great time and awesome wedding we had otherwise. Too bad my photos that should remind me of the great day only show me how stupid, unattentive, no-attention to detail, only interested in "right-fighting" her side that she "ordered" hot pink from her vendor but they didn't match. I mean, i never specified a color nor a type of flower for the men, just that they match. and they didn't. And they were not willing to admit any fault. They offered to send us a free bouquet of flowers to make up for it, but I didn't need flowers, I needed restitution. I was so mad, and still am. If you hire them -- they do do nice work and have good quality flowers -- WATCH them carefully. Get photos of everything they plan to do (they also did a hideous railing treatment that looked like seaweed dangling from hand-rails, and was gross -- not what we envisioned when we talked about having something "draping" the railings, not seaweed dangling from them -- ugh!). Buyer beware -- know exactly what they're going to do in advance. don't just assume your vendors will do what you want because you want to believe that they will . you can't go back and change the photos. make sure you or someone goes up to their place in the bronx and inspects the flowers before they deliver, and early enough that if something is wrong that you can fix it. Make a friend in charge of this. That's what I wish I had done. Flowers was the only "crap shot" -- the DJ was awesome, the food was awesome, etc. Just the flowers that was a big surprise and ruined what was otherwise the perfect even I planned and pulled off. And their excuse that they ordered "hot pink" and that there is variation in the flowers was not an excuse. They blamed someone else, instead of paying attention to what the customer wanted which was matching flowers -- we were not attached to any type or color boutennieres, just that they matched. It was they that specified roses. Ugh. Disgusting. That is not my idea of customer service. They wrote up a piece of paper and then stuck by the paper. I hired THEM, not a piece of paper. THEY let me down. Unforgivable when you are doing flowers for a wedding.
Services used: Flowers