Jul 16, 2011

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About Kysii

Kysii was born in Atlanta, GA and moved to Newport News VA at a very young age. He currently has 3 brothers, Rahsaan, Ade, and Ripley Jr, and 2 sisters, LaTonya Bryant and Ayesha Brooks.  He finished his high school in Newport News where he was involved in school politics as the Class president for several years and also was active in the schools band from junior high through College.  He moved to Atlanta and finished Morehouse College with a Business Administration degree and concentration in Finance.  

For over 15 years, Kysii has worked in Information Technology mostly doing software and hardware support.  Most people that know him say he has a passion for technology and computers.  He loves being a resource to his family and friends and is very often called upon for information, advice, opinion, or a listening ear.  

Kysii owns a marketing/graphics/webdesign company, Wholeteam Enterprises, who was also instrumental in putting on an annual music event, The Midatlantic Music Conference who has run their event for over 8 years.

He has 1 daughter, Imani, who is currently 8 years old and she is active in dance and art.

Kysii's interests and hobbies, are based around music, watching movies, watching sports, cooking, and computers.

Kysii would like to one day share a business with Angela and create generational wealth for their future family and close friends.

About Angela

Angela was born in Aberdeen Mississippi and spent most of her childhood there before locating to Columbus, Mississippi where she finished her high school years. She attended Mississippi State for some of her college years and earned her Bachelors Degree at Strayer University in Atlanta. 

Angela is the oldest of 2 sisters, Marlana and Cassandra and 3 brothers, Jonathan, Timothy, and Jason who look up to her as a mother figure, for which she assisted her hard working mother, Florence in raising. 

She spent most of her adult life between Rochester, NY and Cobb County Georgia.  
She has 2 sons, Devyn who is currently 15 years old and Kyle who is 10 years old.  Both of her sons are active in the church where she attends, Destiny World in Austell, GA.  

She currently resides in Ball Ground, GA a city in northern Cherokee County.  She works as a marketing coordinator for the Zep Corporation, where she shares her colorful insight for the retail division.  

Angela is surrounded by her loving immediate family who reside in Cobb and Douglas counties.  They look to her as a nucleus amongst the siblings and her family is often enteraining socially several weekends of the month.  She is very family oriented and thus She is very popular amongst her nieces and nephews. Several months of the year she will host niece and nephew night, where 10 or more kids will fill her house with delightful glee!

Angela's hobbies are shopping, reading, family time, exercising, watching movies, sleeping, listening to music, and supporting Oprah's endeavors!  Amongst her favorite tv shows are most Crime Scene investigation shows, investigative reporting shows, The Housewives of Atlanta, and she's developing into a pretty good Football and Basketball fan's partner.

She is spiritually grounded, believing that God is the head of her life and that she will unite with Kysii in forming a spirit led Household that will guide everyone into living their fullest potential and destiny.