Mar 24, 2012

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I was lucky enough to get two very awesome Bridal Showers.

New Jersey Bridal Shower

The first took place in New Jersey and was thrown by my FMIL and FSIL. They did an amazing job. It was held at Mark's favorite childhood restaurant, so I knew the day would be special.


San Diego Bridal Shower


My San Diego bridal shower was so special. My bestest friends put together an event that was so me. Good food, fun games, great people, and of courses amazing CHAMPAGNE!!!!!!!!

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We have an awesome photographer, Sage Taylor Photography, who not only is great to work with, but he is affordable. We took our engagement photos at Old Poway Park, and they turned out wonderful. We got over 100 pictures, so here our just a few. Enjoy.

Engagement Photos photo 1

Engagement Photos photo 2

Engagement Photos photo 3

Engagement Photos photo 4  Engagement Photos photo 5

Engagement Photos photo 6

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Mark and I share not only a love for one another, but we are wrapped around our little pups paws.

One day, Mark and I were drinking wine and playing board games, next thing you know we were discussing getting a puppy. We did not even live together! The very next day we went and purchased Maggie. It was a cold day outside, and the lady from Craigslist (side note: I am addicted to Craigslist, I buy just about everything off of this website) handed me the too young puppy, she was only 6 weekd old. Maggie was shivering so I put her in my jacket, and took her home that day. She is the BEST, most well behaved dog ever.

Furry Babies photo 1  Furry Babies photo 2

Furry Babies photo 3


Mowgli is a whole other story. Mark and I both work and go to school, so there are certain times when Maggie is home alone, and that broke our hearts, so we were talking about getting her a playmate. Like I said earlier, I have an obbsession with Craigslist, so I looked continuesly for another pup. One day I came across a male dog that looked very similar to the grown up Maggie only a different color. We picked up Buster that same day. Unfortunently, we had to return him the same day. He hated Maggie!! Within a few days I had seen another dog on Craigslist. She was a Pom/ Long-Haired Chiuahaha mix, and too cute for words. I called the girl selling her, and she wanted way too much money. I had my fiancee call, who tends to be a smooooooooth talker, and talked the girl down to a VERY reasonable price. We picked up Mowgli that night!!!! Mowgli is, the cutest little brat ever. She is the complete opposite of Maggie; she is a terror and completly misbehaved. But I love her!!! The best part, after Mark bought her for me as an early bday present, he proposed the next day!!!!!!!

Furry Babies photo 4

Furry Babies photo 5

Furry Babies photo 6


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My fiancce is Catholic and his faith means a lot to him and his family, so we have decided to get married in a Catholic Church. After searching the internet and pricing out Catholic wedding services (which DO NOT come cheap) we decided on The Immaculata located on the USD campus in San Diego. The church is beautiful. The marbel and stain-glass detail is stunning and I could not picture walking down a more beautiful aile. LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION photo 1


The reception we got extrememly lucky!!!!!

I searched a lot of different places. My fiancee and I are on a tight budget and we wanted something that has a all inclusive package that included open-bar, food and venue. My FI works as civilian for the Navy so we looked into different base locations. And WAHHHLLLLLAAAAA!!!! I came across the Oceanview Room on the Point Loma Sub-Base. The venue is amazing, it is right on the Ocean and we get the place all to our selves. The only downside is that it fits 120 people max and we want to expand the dance floor so the number will be 100 max, which means we will have to chizzle down our guestlist.



We changed our reception venue. Although we loved the location and the room, there were a few drawbacks. 1. The food tasting was awful. Although they said they would work with us, we just knew it was not up to par. 2. The dance floor inside was tiny, so we would have had to add a bigger floor, which would have made the space more cramped. Lastly, and by far most importantly, the catering manager was awful to work with. She was rude and made myself and my fiancee feel really uncomfortable. We lost our deposit, but we found the most beautiful reception venue, that not only complememted our church, but complimented Mark and I as a couple. We have not had our tasting yet, but the food menu looks amazing and up to par with what my fiancee and I would want to serve our guests. So without further ado, here is our new reception venue.....The Abbey


It is located in Bankers Hill on 5th Avenue, Right across the way from San Diego's Balboa Park. Not only is the outside breathtaking, but the inside has an old world charm that is both romantic, classy, and sexy. Exactly what we want!





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He could not have done a better job. I always wanted an emerald cut diamond, my favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz, so the emerald cut reminds me that 'There is no place like home'.



The RING photo 1The RING photo 2

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Mel, who is my best friend and the most amazing teammate/girlfriend/fiancée/love of my life that I could ever hope to have, has known that I have been saving for a ring. What she did not know was that I was going to propose when I did. Melissa has a borderline unhealthy obsession with looking up puppies and rings, online, in her free time. Knowing that I was going to purchase the ring last Friday, I told Mel that if she could abstain from looking at rings for 3 days, she would get a small treat. I emphasized that the ring was the main goal though, so the treat would be something small. I had purchased the ring this past Friday, thanks largely to Mr. and Mrs. Brian Zaharris helping me find a Jeweler and teaching me about the 4 C's, and was set to pick it up yesterday, October 18th. Because of the lack of ring snooping, Mel increased her puppy searches and we got our second, (AND LAST, MELISSA), puppy on Sunday night. Between that and her approaching birthday, which is in November, I knew that she wouldn't expect anything so soon. So yesterday I left work a little early and went straight to the jeweler to get the ring. They were extremely nice and encouraging, and even gave me a bottle of wine with their store logo. I decided to give this to Mel as her 'treat'. After getting the ring, I raced to get some roses and called Mel to ensure I would get home first. (The place was cash only, unbeknown to me, and all I had on me was a ten dollar bill that I found yesterday on the ground. That has to be a good sign, right?) She informed me that she hadn't eaten and was looking forward to the candy bar I undoubtedly got for her as a 'treat'. I was grinning from ear to ear as she asked me about what we should do for dinner and told me about our new pup's day of adventure in her new home. I walked in the front door, hid the roses/wine/ring and quickly showered, shaved and changed as proposing in sweats did not seem appropriate. Literally, as I slid the ring in my pocket, Mel walked in the front door, looking as beautiful as ever. I told her I had her surprise and asked her to close her eyes. I then gave her the roses and the bottle of wine. No author, no matter how talented, could adequately describe to you the look on Mel's face. Disappointing undertones at there being no candy quickly gave way to excitement over the flowers and confusion about why I would get her red wine, which she doesn't care for, and further, why in the world I bought wine from a jewelry store. I seized this opportunity to drop to one knee and say a bunch of stuff that was for her ears only. I don't know if it was the best proposal, and it certainly was not the most creative, but it elicited a 'YES!' and an 'Oh my God!' (once I opened the box) so for us, it was the best. I am a very lucky man for so many reasons, (and as many of the guys will point out, a little light in the loafers for writing this), but none more important then having the love and support of Melissa Elliott. Thanks to her Dad for saying 'yes' when I asked permission, the Zaharris newlyweds for helping me plan and pull off my lies, Bob and Noah for making me move across the country and everybody else for their kind words.