Jul 05, 2009

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On the day of my wedding, everthing went extremely well.  The weather was in perfect condition.  We had spend a the night w/ my bridesmaids in a the Belmar Hotel and had a worderful time.  The services are excellent. 

The morning for my event, we got up very early.  And Angelina had arrived on time for our beauty services.  We all grab a quick breakfast downstair and had back to the room for our services.  When we started having some champagne to relax our nerve. All of my bridesmaid got completed, and lastly was me.  Emotionally I was good up until one of my bridesmaid had said "oh my gosh, you are sooo beautiful".....that triggered an effect which I didn't not anticipate.  I started tearing and couldn't moment it just sunk into me...that THIS IS MY BIGGEST DAY, AND IT'S HERE!  I was so glad that Angelina was able to stay by my side to touch up, which I really needed at that point.

I got myself together and all my bridesmaid assist w/ my dress.  And last, Angelina had set my veil, and I was complete.   We all got into the limo and on my way to getting marry....