Jun 22, 2013

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Some ideas for table set up:

<like the small gift on the square napkin fold, and like the round table look below>

Colors and Ideas photo 1

<this is the right blue color, maybe not as bright though> <love this table runner below>

Colors and Ideas photo 2 Colors and Ideas photo 1

Centerpiece ideas:

<i like the look of these feathers, but i have always invisions flowers and candles as my center piece, this could be a cheeper option tho that i could learn to love> 

Colors and Ideas photo 3 Colors and Ideas photo 4 :Colors and Ideas photo 5 Colors and Ideas photo 6 

<this would be ideal if I can afford tons of flowers, with teal rather then the pink below, and not in a tall vase, would be in a small square one like the first picture, LOVE LOVE LOVE floating candles too!>

<lilies are my favorite flower! if i could add small black and teal feathers to this, this would be my dream... with floating candles ((only thing... lillies are very high fregrance and are recomended to not be on a table with food becasue of the contrastsing elemnts... soooo this may just stay as a dream...>


Flower ideas:

<this is were the feathers would tie in, i want teal and black accents in the bouques, but thoes colors aren't the easiest to find in flowers, i feel in love when i found this inspiration, i adore the feathered accents!!!!!!>

Colors and Ideas photo 7                  Colors and Ideas photo 8

Colors and Ideas photo 2



Fun favors for our guests:

Colors and Ideas photo 9

Colors and Ideas photo 10

Accesories I could die for:

<the feather idea again, LOVE>

Colors and Ideas photo 11                   Colors and Ideas photo 12 Colors and Ideas photo 13                               Colors and Ideas photo 14 Colors and Ideas photo 15

                                               Colors and Ideas photo 16 Colors and Ideas photo 17 Colors and Ideas photo 18


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Well...know that school is over for me the planning begins... Tommy and I are trying to solidfy what exactlly we want our wedding to look like; color schemes, themes and the over all basic idea. TOO MANY CHOICES. Although we have come to some conclusion, that having the wedding reflect us as people will most satisfy us. Tommy is very much influenced by music, as I am passionate for dance. Trying to combined the too ideas, the direction is heading towards a vintage feel, with simple blacks, whites/ creams, and a hint of muted tourqouise (my favorite color!) We have had an amzing turn out in finding inspiration from researching rockstar/vintage weddings--

Decisions Decisions photo 1

Decisions Decisions photo 2

Decisions Decisions photo 3Decisions Decisions photo 4

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Stephanie Parkinson has just received her Bachelor of Fine Art Degree in Dance from Shenandoah University this year, and her dream come true has been there for her every step of the way. Stephanie met Tommy Lewis in October of 2006, after her family had moved from Delaware to the southern parts of Virginia. The moment the two met it was butterflies and beautiful days, they began dating after 3 months. Stephanie quickly fell for his handsome charm and talent with music, while he found her spirit full of life and refreshing. Many months were spent feeling head over heels for one another and they quickly became fully devoted to eachother. After a fast year flew by, and a life spent together had been spoken of, Tommy proposed to Stephanie. On their one year anniversary (December 23, 2008) Tommy got down on one knee and confessed his desire to never be apart from this truly one of a kind girl, which he has fallen in love with. They decided on a long engagement, so Stephanie could focus on finishing school and they could finance the wedding of their dreams. Stephanie is currently seeking out work in the professional dancing world while Tommy is starting school at Universal Technical Institute this August, and they are beginning to finally plan their special day.