Sep 10, 2011

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I have a really odd username, I get questions about it often, so thought I'd explain it further!

Amber - my nickname when I was growing up, was born jaundised and it stuck!

16 - a lucky number for me and my age when I started the email account

and RATM - my favourite band at the time: Rage Against the Machine (I was a bit of a rebel)

I've used this username ever since for things 'cos I can pretty much guarantee noone else will have it!

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My Bio is private unless you are a friend, but this is only restricted in order to preserve my identity, personal information and ideas away from other websites! Google, I'm glaring at you!

Feel free to add me!


I may have borrowed some inspirational shots and ideas from you lovely ladies, and I've tried to credit wherever possible. If, however I haven't please let me know and I'll change it! Thanks so much for your inspiring and helpful ideas - it has made the whole time preparing for this magical day so much easier and enjoyable! xx