Aug 30, 2009

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I finally received all my pictures from my photographer.  Now I'm sorting through them and putting together all the gifts and cards.  Here are some of our favorites:

Pro Pics photo 1Pro Pics photo 2Pro Pics photo 3Pro Pics photo 4Pro Pics photo 5Pro Pics photo 6Pro Pics photo 7Pro Pics photo 8Pro Pics photo 9Pro Pics photo 10

Thank you to my wonderful photographer, April of April Smith Photography, for making selecting our favorite pictures a difficult task.  So many great pictures to choose from that it's hard to narrow it down to a few.

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I'm running out of time.  I need to get my thank you cards out.  Here are the final proofs:

Thank You Cards photo 1Thank You Cards photo 2

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Here are the items that I am selling from my wedding.  More to be added later as I sort through all of them. PM me if you are interested in any of the items.

Groom's Blindfold - Price $10 with shipping

We were going to use something similar to this prior to the ceremony.  I knew I wanted to see him before the ceremony but we did not decide on that until the last minute.  I had this ready just in case.  In the end, we ended up not using it.  Mine is a tiffany blue blindfold with brown font.

For Sale photo 1For Sale photo 2

 Birdcage cardholder - $10 (pick up only - Lake Forest, CA)

You can easily change out the ribbon and sign.  The flowers on top are an ivory color.

For Sale photo 3For Sale photo 4

Pomander balls and shepard's hooks - $10 for large and $8 for small, hooks are $5 each (pick up only - Lake Forest, CA)

The brown ribbon can easily be changed out to any color you want.  Flowers are white with light blue sapphire rhinestones in the middle of each bloom.  The ball itself is wrapped with a light blue fabric so you won't see the styrofoam ball underneath.

For Sale photo 5For Sale photo 6

Tiara - $30 (buyer pays for shipping)

For Sale photo 7For Sale photo 8

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Here's a collection of pictures taken by friends and family during our wedding.  More are sent to me each day so I'll keep updating this page as I receive them.

Non Pro Pics photo 1Non Pro Pics photo 2Non Pro Pics photo 3Non Pro Pics photo 4Non Pro Pics photo 5Non Pro Pics photo 6Non Pro Pics photo 7Non Pro Pics photo 8Non Pro Pics photo 9Non Pro Pics photo 10Non Pro Pics photo 11Non Pro Pics photo 12Non Pro Pics photo 13

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Table Numbers photo 1Table Numbers photo 2

Here they are at the reception:

Table Numbers photo 3

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I wanted to reserve seats for my parents eventhough they were not going to be able to make my wedding.  Here's the reserved signs that I made:

Reserved Signs photo 1Reserved Signs photo 2

Here they are at the ceremony:

Reserved Signs photo 3