Sep 14, 2012

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Cake Topper photo 1

My wood cake topper made by Craft Eddy craftyeddy@gmail.com he's the best. He can duplicate just about anything you give him. Going to Michael's to purchase a hot fix tool and need to buy some BLING and spray paint! DIY projects...I'm scared lol. I'll be sure to post the finished product.

Update: 11-9-11

Took some time over the weekend to go to Michael's and purchase some spray paint and a hot fix tool for my cake topper. I wasn't planning purchasing them but I also found the "WE DO" letters, they were so cute and I had 2- 40% off coupons. Had my FI come with me so we can use the coupons seperately, as there is a only one coupon per customer rule. Booo! Here is my progress so far I used Sterling Silver spray paint, so proud of myself! Now I can start adding the BLING.

PROGRESS 1-27-12

Taking my time but its almost done! I suggest getting an electrical hot fix tool. The batteries run out after a while and can slow up your flow and progress. ;o/

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 MOH Dress                                   Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaids Dresses photo 1Bridesmaids Dresses photo 2

Love these chiffon dresses that I found at David's Bridal. We ordered them in PLUM. I originally wanted each girl to have their own style dress but it was too hard to choose one. We decided my MOHs dress will be different with the one shoulder (LOVE), so she can stand out more. The BM dresses will add a flower to the waist to tie in all the dresses together.

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Tablescapes Centerpieces photo 1Tablescapes Centerpieces photo 2Tablescapes Centerpieces photo 3Tablescapes Centerpieces photo 4


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Monograms by Sarah photo 1Monograms by Sarah photo 2Monograms by Sarah photo 3Monograms by Sarah photo 4

Love the mongrams that Sarah was able to make for me. She's amazing with everything shes does. Check her out here! I'm using the first NYC cityscape and creating my own stamps for our STDs. The 2nd is for our cake topper monogram. The 3rd will be used for our GOBO light. The 4th I'm still deciding where this can used. Hmmm?!

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UPDATE!!! 12-20-11

OMG!! I found my wedding shoes...FINALLY! I've been on a hunt for them for the longest and couldn't find the perfect ones for the perfect price. I got them from heels.com and they just arrived today. They are called MY DARLING by Luichiny. I got FREE 2nd day shipping bc of the HOLIDAY and they were only $90. Although, those Badgley Mishka- Lissa's were calling my name, I just couldn't spend that much $$ on shoes for one day. I'm sooo happy with my online purchase and they fit like a glove in size 7. AND I can't get enough of the <3 on the sole!




Shoes that didn't make the cut but I'm still in love with.

Sole Searching photo 1Sole Searching photo 2Sole Searching photo 3

I bought the silver shoes for the big day from DSW for only $39 can't beat that! Although, now I've changed my mind and I'm on a HUNT for the perfect PURPLE shoe, to match my BMs dresses. Decisions, decisions!