Sep 14, 2012

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I ended up purchasing this fascinator from Fascinate Me on Etsy, bc I wasn't too happy with the flower I purchased below. Her work is amazing! She's offering 15% OFF for PW Brides. I love it! It'll be made in diamond white with ostrich feathers and organza, which matches back perfectly to my dress. I'll maybe wear the original flower for my 2nd engagement photos in April, so it won't be a waste.

Flowers in her hair photo 1Flowers in her hair photo 2

Excuse the crease on my nose from my glasses. HA! So, I was torn between the flower pin and the BLING comb and I ended up going with the flower, which was only $39 at a kiosk in the mall. I'm def going to add more feathers to it and a lil bling.

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EDIT: 12/15/11-Better pics

So over the past weekend I took my FSIL to see my dress. She couldn't make it the day my BMs came with me to see the dress bc my brother PROPOSED that same day! How sweet?! What a great excuse right?! LOL! Anyway, so she was able to take some great pics with her new iphone 4, you can see every detail now of the dress. The bust area is big but I won't have to do any alterations until July. I'm going to miss my dress. So excited! Sorry for the different size photos my phone was acting up. Grrr!


OMG! So excited to finally post pics of the DRESS! It really was the dress of my dreams. I love the bottom organza ruffles, the touch of lace bodice and his has some beading. It's like the dress was waiting for me! I wasn't wearing the poofy slip under to make the bottom fuller but I'm in LOVE! Hope to get better clearer pics soon! ;o)

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So excited! My FI and I used the extra day off from work the past weekend to look for limos and instead booked a photobooth! LOL Love how its sleek and white and it doesn't look like your traditional photobooth. It lights up in all different colors and has a monitor outside to see pics of the funny faces your guests just took. Love it!

Photobooth Props photo 1

Going to buy lots of props so my guests can mix and match things together. I'm sure I'll find them at the Dollar Tree.

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Groom Groomsmen photo 1Groom Groomsmen photo 2

My FI loves this look from Calvin Klein! I think its an actual tuxedo but can actually pass as a suit, which is why my FI loves it so much. I figured he can be in all grey and have the groomsmen in purple ties and/or vest so he can stand out and be different from the rest of the group. OR we've been looking into the mismatching grey suits but we're still undecided.

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DREAM Wedding Dresses photo 1DREAM Wedding Dresses photo 2 DREAM Wedding Dresses photo 3

Source-James Clifford, AllureBridal, Vera Wang/Davids Bridal

I'm in LOVE with ruffles. I've already picked my dress which is similar to the first top pic on the left, but wanted to share and remember my inspiration. I wasn't allowed to take pics, while trying it on my dress and I found out my dress is unadvertised :( .  I'll be going tomorrow to the Bridal store with all my bridesmaids and I'll be sure to take some pics this time. So excited to be an ALLURE bride.  :)

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