Sep 14, 2012

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Updated pic below!

Here's a pic of my BLING! Please excuse my bare finger nails. I do too many dishes for me to keep the polish on. I advised my FH to purchase a ring set with both the engagement ring and wedding band. I had heard from other brides that it was very difficult for them to match up their E-ring to a wedding band when it was bought separately. These ladies had to actually custom make their wedding bands, which cost them a good extra penny to get done. So we avoided all that and he came home with this. I think he did a great job...don't you?!


****UPDATE**** Took a better pic of my e-ring and wedding band today, with my nails done and no blurriness! HA!

*****UPDATE* 3/27/11****

I finally bought FIs ring yesterday! He has really manly hands and it was hard for me to find something for him that didn't look feminine. We had both liked this ring from when we first got engaged but it was $500 at Kohls. I kept an eye out for it and finally found it on sale. YAY!

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The Venue photo 1The Venue photo 2

The reception will be take place at the Royal Manor in Garfield, NJ. We actually booked it back in February! So excited they are renovating soon, and will be removing the rugs and replacing the floors with all grey marble, which matches my colors and theme. This place was so elegant and perfect my wedding day! I can see myself dancing the night away already. The piping/drapes are not included but lets see how much is in my budget to get them...amazeballs!

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The Ceremony photo 1

The ceremony will be in St. John's the Evangelist Church in Bergenfield, NJ. The ceilings were recently updated and painted in blue with wood beams, which actually looks amazing. My family has been parishioners of this church for many years and I couldnt think of a better place.

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Shhh photo 1

Setting my profile to private, so FH and others don't get too nosey.

Would love to add you as a friend! Cheers

Please let me know if I have used anyone's photos and did not give them credit. I would be happy to credit/link them back to the appropriate owner. The majority of my pics have been found on here PW, Google, Pinterest, Wedding Chicks, and Style Me Pretty.

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My FH and I decided that we would get plan to get married in the Fall. One...because its our favorite Season and two...because we don't want to be all HOT, STICKY, and SWEATY during the happiest day of our lives. I've been in 3 weddings in my life and don't want to relive the sweat puddles I left behind, while standing in the heat, in satin dresses. No bueno!

If you look at my inspiration pics you can see that at first I wanted to incorporate the Fall Theme. Foliage, peachy, oranges, bronze, brown into our weddings colors but everyones been there and done that. I did some research and couldn't decide on a nice decent color for bridesmaids dresses, which threw me off completely. So instead of dealing with the headache, I changed my mind and will go with an purple and silver/grey, which will look great on all my ladies. Not sure which purple yet, have to wait till we pick out the bridesmaids dresses. The theme will be elegant-bling and have a modern-vintage feel to it. YAY! So excited.

 Colors and Theme photo 4Colors and Theme photo 2Colors and Theme photo 1Colors and Theme photo 3Colors and Theme photo 5

**** UPDATE*****


So I've been doing lots of reserach as to what type of theme I want my wedding to be. I knew I wanted a mix of modern/vintage but I've made up my mind and finally found some inspiration boards/photos that I'm in LOVE with and have narrowed it down. I'm so excited I showed my FI and he loves it too! We're having an Art Deco/Vintage Glam Wedding. YAY!








Sourced from Pinterest and StyleMePretty



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I apologize in advance. I've finally had a chance to put up some pics of the Big Proposal. So as I mentioned my FH popped the BIG question on NYE 2011. We celebrated at my parents house with both of our families and friends. I had been home from work for the 2 weeks prior bc I was in a mini car accident, or should I say I almost got run over by a car! :( Although I did not feel myself, with all my bumps and bruises, I wanted to make the best of it. A new year meant new beginnings! It was 11:30 and my parents prepared to get the champagne ready for everyone to sip on when the ball dropped. All of a sudden, FI proceeds to give a toast and goes on about how happy he was that our family and friends were together on this special NYE. He then continues to talk about US and our relationship, at this point I'm totally confused! He then speaks about how we met on the bus...to how happy he was that we moved in together...to how we've only been together a year and half....and that he couldn't wait anymore and wanted me to be his wife!  He got down on one knee...and the rest was all a blur. It was like we were in a bubble together. I can hear everyone screaming and cheering in the back ground with happiness. I swear I was mute for a few seconds but then it hit me and AND of course...I said YES!

 NYE 2011 Proposal photo 1NYE 2011 Proposal photo 2NYE 2011 Proposal photo 3