Sep 14, 2012

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My FI and I met in Spring 09 at Port Authority in NYC. We were commuters waiting on line for the bus, heading back home to NJ from work in the concrete jungle. We would see each other almost every day and would exchange smiles or just have small talk about how late the bus was. After several months of being bus buddies, we got to know each other a little better. We were shocked to realize, we had plenty of things in common. We were the same age, he used to live in the good old Lower East Side NYC., he lived in a nearby town down the street from me, and we even worked in the same vicinity in NYC. One Summer night, instead of meeting and talking on a BUS, we decided to go out one evening and after we were inseparable. We dated for several months and both knew we had found the ONE! We soon decided to move in together and after being together for one a year and couple months he proposed on 12/31/10 New Year's Eve. It was perfect timing, right before the ball dropped, in front of all our family and friends. It was a shocking, amazing and beautiful moment that I will always cherish.

I have to say I love PW! This website is much more detailed then all the others and has given me the inspiration and guidance to help put together my DREAM wedding. On to the wedding planning.... :O)