May 02, 2011

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I have been engaged since June 5, 2010 and still have not come to the realization that I am the bride this time and not a bridesmaid!!!  You know that age old saying of "always a bridesmaid, never a bride" that was soon become my quote! But ,for those of you that have seen it, the movie 27 Dresses has become more my motto now. Thank goodness I am only up to 9 bridesmaid dresses instead of 27!!

Being on this side of the table is all new to me and being 8 hours from my family isnt helping with the planning, but in today's world of technology we are having a blast. 

I am getting my dream wedding.  There will close friends and family all together barefoot on the sand.  I asked my father years ago if he would be ok walking me down the beach; I dont think he believed me.  :)

Ok, enough blabbing and onto the planning......

I accept and anticipate any and all suggestions, hints and ideas!!!!!!!