Dec 26, 2010

LV Floral Events
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I love my bouquet, the ceremony flowers, and the center pieces! There is nothing I would have changed about them. Perfect colors and elements! Linda not only listens to you, but she also listens to parents who have a lot to say (if you have any, like mine) She provided me with both samples of my bouquet and my centerpieces on 2 different occasions before the wedding to make sure she understood what I wanted. Thank you very very much, Linda!
Services used: Flowers

( 3.4 / 5.0 )
Karen did wonders on my makeup and my MOH's. Her assistant, Tina (I think), whom I just met on the day of, did the makeup for my sister, one bridesmaid, and my mom. They were already complaining about how they were not totally happy with their makeup. However, coming back from honeymoon, my sister, the bridesmaid, and my mother confirmed that the pictures confirmed their fear. On the day of the wedding, I saw them briefly and realized something was not right with their makeup, but being the bride, I was very busy with many many other things to take care of and I was hoping they could sort things out with the assistant themselves. After looking at the pictures and their recounts of the assistant, I have to agree that her assistant was not up to par. My mom was especially insistent on me telling my makeup artist about her experience, not to get her money back or anything, just to voice her opinion that the assistant is incompetent. She said that she told the assistant repeatedly that she was not happy with her hair being too flat, but yet she did not fix it. My mom said that she received some comments from her friends that her hair looked better when she did it herself. The assistant did not even offer to apply fake eyelashes on her initially. On a different occasion, my BM said she could have done her makeup better herself. My BM said that her eyelids were glued shut and the assistant was not even apologetic. My BM and my sister said that the fake eye lashes were glued OFF the lining of the eyelids, and no eyeliner/dark eyeshadow were applied to hide the glue. Her assistant is unlike Karen in terms of responding to the client's requests and wants. Karen is a great makeup artist, but I just wish she could be caring enough to bring a competent assistant to provide similar quality for other people in my bridal party who is also paying for their makeup services.
Services used: Beauty & Health

Tmmpro Event Lighting, AV & DJ Services
( 4.4 / 5.0 )
I like Jack overall. He is fun and flexible. He is full equipped with games. The only complaints I received from my bridal party were from one bridesmaid & one groomsman whose names he "butchered" when he announced them. A few guests mentioned that he was not that responsive to their song requests. The lighting service was great. Since he did not pronounce my husband's or my name wrong, I'd say, he is money well spent!
Services used: DJ, Flowers, Rentals & Photobooths