Jul 01, 2010

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The ladies on PW are so helpful with every aspect of wedding planning.  I want to acknowledge Carysbride for making this beautiful monogram for me:

Monogram Stickers photo 1


I have decided to incorporate the monogram throughout the wedding. I will be using this monogram for my aisle, runner, monogram sticker on chinese take out boxes, and hopefully my gobo design.

Here is a pic of take out boxes with sticker

Monogram Stickers photo 2


Thanks again Carysbride!



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If anyone has not heard about a wonderful site called ETSY then, my friend you are not from planet Earth.  They have ringbearer pillows that I thought was a MUST to purchase. But I better hurry up before they run out.


Ringbearer Pillow photo 1     


Ringbearer Pillow photo 2

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This is the one thing that I dreaded the most about the wedding. I'm not a fan of taking photos. I just don't think I'm photogenic enough. My fh can take a picture and look so freakin hot.  I never liked my smile because my teeth was kinda of sticking out like Bugs Bunny.  But, one day my co-worker told me that I could get braces through our health plan.  Of course, at first I didn't believe her because I thought you had to be a certain age for the insurance to give you coverage.  But, she was right! Yahoo!  The healthplan did handled the cost;/ my out of pocket expense was ONLY $500.00. This is truly a blessing from what I was told it cost for braces. So, I must wear them for 2 years (so far I have 13 months in) YES! And, I must say their is a difference.  Here are some must take pictures that I would like to either get inspiration or replicate (in our own way).


Must Take Photos photo 1  Must Take Photos photo 2

Must Take Photos photo 3  Must Take Photos photo 4

Must Take Photos photo 5  Must Take Photos photo 6

Must Take Photos photo 7  Must Take Photos photo 8

Must Take Photos photo 9  Must Take Photos photo 10

  Must Take Photos photo 11  Must Take Photos photo 12



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Here are some headpieces that are really pretty. I need to visit the store to check them out.

Headpieces photo 1Headpieces photo 2Headpieces photo 3Headpieces photo 4Headpieces photo 5Headpieces photo 6Headpieces photo 7Headpieces photo 8