Jun 19, 2010

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
So professional, organized as all heck, awesome photos. What a joy to have Becky and Art of Emotion as our wedding photographer. Worth every penny and more. I would recommend Becky to anyone who wants unique, creative wedding photos that you can be proud to display, share and keep for decades. They are really little pieces of art, each of them. I've received TONS of positive compliments on our photos. Awesome photos were one the things I would not budge on in our entire wedding planning process and Art of Emotion delivered.
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We just met with Becky and have booked her for our June 2010 wedding! Her portfolio is gorgeous, and she spent a lot of time talking with us about the logistics of the day in addition to what we would be ending up with. I appreciated it so much that she took such a active role in helping us figure out how to best utilize our time in order to capture all of our moments in photos. She assured my fiance that he would not have to pose or say cheese or anything he didn't want to do. We took advantage of the "recessionista rate" and feel that it's a great value for the caliber of her portfolio. There is nothing cheap about Art of Emotion, and I insisted from the beginning of our engagement that our photos had to be AMAZING, and this was something I would expect to invest in.
Will update post wedding.
Services used: Photography

Hong Kong Flower Lounge
( 4.0 / 5.0 )
I wanted a traditional Chinese wedding banquet, with REALLY GOOD Chinese food. I realize this would be an investment, but hey, I love good food.

After a TERRIBLE interview with Koi Palace, we decided to have our reception at HKFL, where food is good, decor is good, and there is parking a-plenty. Planning was very easy, the managers I met with were friendly, well informed, had all necessary information ready, and were flexible with my requests and questions about lighting, sound, timing, basically everything. Definitely made planning go smoothly.

We were able to drop off our carload of beverages a couple days before. Everything was set up right, the wait staff was very nice and all.

The food was wonderful, we received many compliments on our menu selections - you may customize the menu as much as you like and we basically put all four of their their wedding menus into the mix until we figured out what we like from each one for each course.

The only two gripes I would like to mention: the waitstaff did not keep bringing out the rest of the beverages (wine and champagne) - we went home with so much unopened. Secondly, our cake was a croquembouche - a French wedding cake which is essentially a tower of filled creampuffs. Because constructing, transporting, and serving a tower of creampuffs is a risk I didn't want to take on our wedding day, we had a "dummy" or presentation cake, with 2 pieces of real cake/puffs there for the cutting/feeding each other photos, and the rest in the kitchen to be plated and brought out promptly after our photos were done. The staff did not plate this in the back and bring it out promptly. They brought out tons of boxes of cake and proceeded to plate it up in the dining room instead, spending lots of time and and trying to rush it, while detracting from the flow and overall visual ambiance of the evening. I just wanted the individual servings to come out of the kitchen, not use the dining room as a work space, this was exactly the reason we had a dummy cake!

So, though it may seem obvious, spell out the exact process for any items the restaurant is not providing/that you are bringing in, such as cake and beverages.
Services used: Catering, Wedding Venue

Paper Source
( 4.0 / 5.0 )
I really wanted to have copper foil printed invitations (even more awesome than gold foil and letterpress), but after getting slapped by a $7 per-invitation quote at an invitation vendor, I decided I needed to get creative and imitate copper foil for a buck or less a pop. And I wanted tea-length because postage is the same as a standard letter size envelope instead of the more expensive greeting card-size postage rates.

So after designing and planning with my awesome graphic designer friend, I went to Paper Source to find some suitably beautiful shimmery copper cardstock that I would printed the design OVER, so the lettering would show through as copper. Yes, genius, I know ;)

I found Stardream shimmer cardstock, coordinating envelopes, postcards, letter-weight paper, and many other paper products in various forms at Paper Source. They had tea length envelopes - two kinds, one with awesome old-school inter-office style button and string closure, and then the standard sealable flap. I opted for the standard flap because a) it was cheaper, and b) the staff told me the button/string closure type are not able to process through the post office's equipment without getting ripped, so I would either need to tape it down (pointless because it ruins the design), or put it inside another envelope (which is just a waste).

They don't have tea length paper, but I bought the letter sized cardstock and cut it in thirds - fits perfectly, and saves a lot of moolah. I got postcard sized cardstock for reply cards - postcards are cheaper postage than little reply cards too.

Now the hard part - figuring out how to print on this pretty but finnicky paper. It's coppery because it has a plasticized coating, which makes it difficult to print on. You need to use a color laserjet printer to accomplish this (no inkjet and no color copier, I tried both), and try to adjust the ink color based on the the paper color, because the ink will behave semi-transparently, so copper paper made my ink color look warmer than I liked, so after adjusting the design to be more blue, everything came out perfectly.
I used the same copper paper for table numbers, placecards, reserved chair labels, and favor labels.
I loved my invitations and everything that coordinated with them, and saved a ton of cash.
Note to fellow diy brides: make sure you write something to the effect of "Please RSVP by ..." otherwise people are amazingly flaky and you will need to make way too many phone calls chasing people for rsvps. I learned this the hard way! And triple check that everything is correct before printing, else you have re-purchase all your paper over again. Yes this happens and it's so stupid but it really does happen, the details are so easily overlooked when you have a million other things to do.
Services used: Favors & Gifts, Invitations, Unique Services