Jun 09, 2012

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As I said earlier, Josh and I love to travel. We've had a hard time narrowing down where we want to go on our honey moon. So far we've been to Paris . .

.Honeymoon photo 1       Rome   Honeymoon photo 2

Athens Honeymoon photo 3  Venice  Honeymoon photo 4

Florence Honeymoon photo 5

Lindos on the island of Rhodes, Greece Honeymoon photo 6

 All over Ireland Honeymoon photo 7

London Honeymoon photo 8  And too many other places to name!!


We really loved Rome, Santorini, and Lindos. They were major contenders for a honeymoon. But, we decided we want to go somewhere new. The new options include Australia, Vienna, and French Polynesia. We are leaning more towards a French Polynesian cruise right now. Maybe something like this: . It has stops in Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora, and Hawaii. Sounds perfect! Honestly, what gave us the idea was the movie Couple's Retreat. The scenery was so breathtaking! 

Honeymoon photo 9


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I am so excited about these cards for my Bridesmaids and Maid of Honor! I ordered

them from LittleLadyCompany on Etsy. Cannot wait to send them out. So cute! Sorry it's so big.

Bridal Party photo 3

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We are getting married April 21st, 2012. Our venue is my father’s house located on Lake Harding in Salem, Alabama. We will say our vows at sunset under the ivy-covered oak tree by the water, and have our reception at the clubhouse pavilion. Here is a photo of the ceremony site:


 Wedding Venue photo 1


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Josh and I met while in high school. It's the typical cutesy highschool sweethearts story-

walking to classes together, Josh carrying my books, going to our proms together, etc!

Our first date was to a nearby park. Afterwards, I remember telling my best friend that it

would either be a two-week relationship, or a forever relationship. I'm so happy it's

forever! The first photo is from Josh's senior prom, and the second photo is from mine.


The Story of Us photo 1 The Story of Us photo 2The Story of Us photo 3The Story of Us photo 4


Josh and I both love to travel. In the summer of 2008 we took a trip to the Mediterranean that

included Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Croatia. We had previously talked about getting engaged, but

also knew that we wanted to wait to get married until we were both finished with school. So, Josh

took advantage of the beauty that is Santorini, and proposed while we were there! It was PERFECT

and I couldn't have asked for anything more.


The Story of Us photo 5 The Story of Us photo 6 




He did a great job picking out the ring!



The Story of Us photo 7