Aug 17, 2013

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So my name is Maggie. I am 21 years old and I live at Eglin AFB in Florida until December 7th. We are moving to Germany for 3 years! It's my husbands first duty station and I couldn't be more excited. Originally, my wedding was supposed to be 2012, so ignore my 2013 wedding date. Due to never knowing what the Army will throw at us next, we aren't sure when the wedding will be yet but as soon as we find out, you guys will find out! Since Adam and I are already married (courthouse) our wedding is going to be a renewal of vows with a reception. It's still going to be the whole white dress, bridesmaids, and church stuff but it won't be us getting married. 

Now that all that's cleared up, a little about me. I'm an Army wife and a ski bum. I'm from Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I love music, cars, photography (even though I suck at it), and my cat. I'm a huge dork and will somehow incorporate Disney into my wedding. I can sit around all day and watch Disney movies. Not much else I can think of! Any questions, feel free to ask. I promise I don't bite :)


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