Oct 08, 2011

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I just realized that I never posted a pic of my ring! I picked it out. :) I decided to go with a complete set so I would be sure to have something match my e-ring.  Originally, I wanted one big princess cut solitaire. It had been my dream ring FOREVER! But then I started thinking about practicality....I'm a nurse. I put on and take off latex gloves 100 times a day. It would just take one time for that pretty rock to get caught in a glove and flip off into the word unknown. :(  so..until I have a career change...I'll settle with the next best thing. :)  I LOVE it, and it's a lot bigger than I thought it would be! :D

My rings photo 1

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I saw this pic on a google search and was completey in LOVE.

My DIY Photobooth Backdrop photo 1

It's so colorful and playful! I knew I had to try it. So here goes...the first DIY I actually documented!


10 different colors of crepe paper streamers- 2 rolls of each ($26 including shipping at

        (only one of each is pictured)

scotch tape (free-already had it)

rope (free-already had it)

scissors (I used my pinking shears)

tape measure (free-already had it)

Grand Total for supplies- $26

Total time to make it?  about 5 hours by myself :/

My DIY Photobooth Backdrop photo 2

Start by cutting a 14 foot section of rope and hang it across the room so you can attach your streamers. Trust's easier to hang it and attach them than it is to sit down and be lost in a pile of streamers!

Cut 16 foot sections of streamers in the same color.  This will make a thick, 8 foot curtain. Loop one streamer over the rope so that it is doubled and secure it with tape like so.  Tip* Don't tape it so tight that it won't slide down the rope.

My DIY Photobooth Backdrop photo 3

Continue to hang your first color of streamers down the line but space them out. It makes it a lot easier.

My DIY Photobooth Backdrop photo 4

Once you have about 5 or 6 of your first color hung, start hanging your second color right next to it.

My DIY Photobooth Backdrop photo 5

Continue this process until you have all of your colors for each section attached.

My DIY Photobooth Backdrop photo 6

When you have all the colors in your sections attached, slide all the streamers together so the curtain doesn't have any gaps. Start layering your streamers again and repeat the same process.

My DIY Photobooth Backdrop photo 7

When all of your streamers are hung, you will end up with this...1620 total foot of crepe paper streamers!  10 foot wide by 8 foot long photobooth backdrop curtain. :D

My DIY Photobooth Backdrop photo 8


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Just for the record. I HATE David's Bridal! Well...not the actual dresses and such, but David's Bridal in Tallahassee, FL are a bunch of snobby B words. I've had 2 experiences with them and they both sucked. 

     The first one, I went with my sister and my friend to try on dresses. I'm a 20 in wedding gowns. I knew this, the consultant knew this.   I told her I didn't want to try anything on that wasn't in my size because I couldn't get a good idea of how it would look/fit if it didn't zip up. I was very nice and she seemed to be understanding.  I knew there were a lot of size 20 sample gowns because we had just gone through the store looking at them.  I stand in the little fitting room for about 15 solid minutes in my skivvies waiting for her. What does she bring me first to try on?  A size 14. I humored her and put it on. Of course it didn't fit.  I tell her again that I need a dress in a size 20 and to please not bring me anymore 14s to try on.  20 minutes later!!!.....she brings me another dress. This one wasn't a 14, but a size 12. I just look at her and my cheeks start getting hot. I've been hanging out in my drawers for 40 minutes and have accomplished absolutely nothing.  My sister intervenes at this time and runs to the floor of dresses. Her and my friend come back with their arms FULL of gowns...all in a flippin size 20. Was this consultant just doing this to piss me off??  Grr...I kind of hate that girl.  So she disappears once again.  My sister and my friend help me try on all these dresses and I go out to the little podiums and gaze in the mirror.  After about 30 or so minutes the consultant comes back and asks me if I minded if she went to the bathroom for a few minutes.  I just look at her like "Seriously??  You've been gone this whole time and haven't helped at all. Why would I care if you went to the bathroom?!?!"  My sister, lol...bless her heart, tells the girl that will be fine.  So anyway...I found the dress I love and that flatters my figure well. I want to order it! I'm so excited!!  I start searching for the consultant to tell her I want to place an order....and I can't find her. By this point I'm just pissed.  I have had absolutely no help from David's Bridal in finding or purchasing a gown.  I give up. I change back into my street clothes and start looking for a manager. Trying once again to order the dress. I waited and waited and no one came by.  So we left...I got the style number of the dress and vowed that I would NOT be purchasing it from David's Bridal (although it was a David's Bridal dress).  I searched and searched the internet for my dress either new or used and finally found one at a great price and in amazing shape. The bride before me had already gotten the bustles put in so it saved me a step! :)

Fast forward to last week.

     I take my beautiful dress to David's Bridal to have it cleaned and pressed. I spoke with the alterations department on the phone and told them it was a David's Bridal dress but I did not buy it from David's Bridal. They seemed to be ok with that and said to bring it in, and it would cost $45. I drove all the way to Tallahassee last Monday (like an hour away) and get escorted to the alterations department to drop of my dress. Everything was going smoothly and I decided right then that I would give them another chance and order some shoes from them.  The alterations lady takes my dress out of the bag and starts freaking out because it has been altered (the bustles).  David's Bridal isn't allowed to do that kind of bustles and she starts drilling me wanting to know which shop did it and blah blah.  I told her that I wasn't asking them to alter it, I just needed it cleaned and pressed. She continues to drill me and says she has to call her manager and show her what another David's Bridal did.  (Apparently the bustle was permanent and they're not allowed to do permanents.) I told her several times that it wasn't altered at DB and I didn't need them to do a single thing to my dress but clean and press it!  The store manager comes in and guess who it is.  The B of a consultant that I dealt with last time!  She's the STORE MANAGER now!?!?!  I threw my hands up, said "I'm done. Just give me back my damn dress and I will have it cleaned somewhere else."  The manager wants to know what store did the bustles because she has to report it.  I told her DB did not do the alterations!!!  How many times do I have to say this??  All I wanted was my dress cleaned. Then I had to argue with her to give me my damn dress back!  UGHHH!!!  HATE HATE HATE DB in Tallahassee!  

    Anyway, I found a dry cleaner closer to town that does wedding dresses. I'm supposed to pick it up Monday.  I was nervous about taking it to a regular dry cleaner because I didn't want them to mess up my dress.  Before I even dropped it off I got their policy in writing that states if my dress is damaged, then they will pay for it.  That made me feel better.

Vent over. I couldn't give a review for DB yet because my wedding is in October. :( 

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My sister threw me such an awesome bridal shower! I was running on zero sleep (worked night shift, couldn't sleep when I got home because I was too dang excited!! lol) The turnout was less than she was expecting..several people cancelled because of the weather.  I had a blast!!  I HIGHLY recommend doing toilet paper wedding dresses at your shower!  It is a huge icebreaker. ;)

My Bridal Shower photo 1My Bridal Shower photo 2My Bridal Shower photo 3My Bridal Shower photo 4My Bridal Shower photo 5My Bridal Shower photo 6My Bridal Shower photo 7My Bridal Shower photo 8My Bridal Shower photo 9My Bridal Shower photo 10My Bridal Shower photo 11My Bridal Shower photo 12My Bridal Shower photo 13


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(You gguys are lucky on this post..I actually have pics uploaded already that I can plug in!!)

I bought this dress from David's Bridal. Style number 9V9743.  It's simple and goes with my theme well.

The Dress and the Jewels photo 1

Here's me in it. Fortunately, I didn't have to make any alterations!!! It fit perfectly. :D


The Dress and the Jewels photo 2

Howeeeever, lol when I got it home I felt it was too simple, so I'm adding some fabric flowers to it. I've gotten quite good at making fabric flowers since I refused to pay $65+ dollars for a hair flower. ;)  It will look something like this but better. This is just a rough draft! I'll be mixing/matching smaller sized flowers with it to see what looks the most eye-catching.

The Dress and the Jewels photo 3


And on to the jewels. :) I found this on etsy from LuLu Splendor. It's sooo flippin beautiful in person!

The Dress and the Jewels photo 4 (crappy pic-had to google image search it at work)

here's a pic I took of it at's sooooo much more sparkly in person! It is made with Swarovski crystals and pearls, and all the metal parts are white gold plated. This was one of my very few splurges was kind of pricey. :/ Carla was so nice to work with. Once I got the necklace, it fit, but fell too short for my dress. There was too much of a gap between the necklace and the dress top and it looked odd.  She told me to send it back and she would extend it for me! Woo hoo!! It fits perfectly now. 

The Dress and the Jewels photo 5

That's it for now. I have to get some work done!

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We are going for a country/rustic/vintage/simple theme. We are aiming for 80 guests at most.  I wanted our wedding to have a lot of special/unique touches to make it more fit to us and not be a 'cookie cutter' wedding.  (I saw someone say that on Four Weddings and have resented it ever since! lol)  Soft reds and oranges, ivories, lots of burlap, mason jars, and twine. I'm doing a LOT of DIY stuff.  If I ever have time I'll upload pics. It seems I can only get on PW while at work, and I can't go to facebook to copy pics to here. Work computers block just about every website I try to go to. :(

Anyway...back to the theme of things...

We are having an outdoor ceremony and reception at my mom's home. The ceremony will be under a big oak tree. :) We rented a wrought iron arch and I have 10 wrought iron shephard hooks to line the aisles. I had poms made to hang on them that are in country patterned fabrics. I also had a swag made, but I'm not 100% in love with it. :/  I made a ton of mason jar lanterns to hang in the tree and will probably hang some on the arch as well. Still in the air about the final arch decor.  I rented chairs, bought white chair covers, and MADE a burlap sash for each and every one!!  OMG....that was a lot of work. My aisle runner is also burlap. :)

The reception will be under a barn. I bought lots of red and orange paper lanterns and we will have white Christmas lights as well.  I bought white table linens, made some 20" wide burlap runners, and made the centerpieces. I wrapped mason jars in twine and made orange/red floral arrangements. lol...I have pics at home!!!  I'll try to find time to upload some to my pages.

We are having the reception catered with soul food. :) I bought some nice plates because I didn't like the ones the caterer had lol  I also bought a bunch of mason jar drinking mugs (the ones with handles) to add to our country feel.  I bought some pumpkin orange linen napkins to put on the chargers.  Our chargers...  :) fave part. I bought 100 wood slices to use as chargers!  OHHH YEAH!  I found a guy on Craigslist who cuts wood and he agreed to give me a great deal on them.  So picture this...charger, then folded napkin, then favor on top of it. All the plates will be at the buffet.

We're going to have alcohol (2 signature cocktails), sweet tea, unsweet tea, and water. My friends and family would honestly be uncomfortable if we went with fancy food that you needed more than one utensil to eat.  We live in a tiny town, 45 minutes west of Tallahassee. Everyone here is southern, country type people.  I hate to say rednecks lol...but they are. My wedding will not be REDNECK and there will be no cans of Natural Light beer floating around!  It will be simple/country/rustic with a touch of elegance.  :)