Aug 04, 2012

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I want my reception to have this kind of ETHEREAL feel...that is my main theme!

My colors are along these lines...peach, gold, ivory, and soft pinks and oranges





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Hi Everyone!!!!!!!

I am in love with an AMAZING man that will soon be my HUSBAND!! I still get shocked when I think about it like really??? All for me?? LOL! I am sooo excited about my wedding day for I've been dreaming about it literally my ENTIRE life, lol! I've had my colors picked out since I was 8!

A little about me, I'm a Nigerian-Born-in-America and so is my Fiancee'! I am from Edo State he is Yoruba, our wedding will be in Maryland. We are expecting nothing less than 500 guests and that SCARESSSSS me, lolll!!! I am trying so hard to not get freaked out but there is nothing we can do to avoid for my Father is a Pastor and his Father is a chairman of numerous cultural organizations. So basically our parents are pretty well-known so EVERY one is going to want to be at this wedding. Can somebody say PRESSUREEE! We went to a HBCU and he is in a fraternity so we ALSO know a lot of people. SO basically we cant get around our guestlist. I have been praying and I know God will take control so I'm going to have as MUCH fun as possible with this wedding! I am so excited to meet all of you!! I am ready to learn and give as much knowledge as I possibly can! **HUGSSSS**

Oh, another HUGE part of my obsession with weddings comes from being a wedding blogger! You can check out my blog at! Comment and let me know what you all think ;-) I'll also be journaling my wedding planning there as well!