May 17, 2009

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Wedding Day photo 1

Wedding Day photo 2

Wedding Day photo 3

Wedding Day photo 4

Wedding Day photo 5

Wedding Day photo 6

Wedding Day photo 7Wedding Day photo 8

Wedding Day photo 9Wedding Day photo 10

Wedding Day photo 11

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Bridesmaid Bouquet vases photo 1

My mom removed the ring from the keychains and tied them on the vases for the girl's bouquets at the reception...

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I am running out of time and patience, so I made these as simple as possible.....the table number is on the front and a quote about marriage is on the back.

Table Numbers and Praline Favors photo 1Table Numbers and Praline Favors photo 2

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My furbaby Cheeto photo 1My furbaby Cheeto photo 2

He loves to help me with my projects and his favorite treat is canteloupe!

My furbaby Cheeto photo 3My furbaby Cheeto photo 4

The squirrels love to tease him and he HATES it!

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These were expensive and complicated to do, if I had to do it again, I probably would have picked a simpler design.  I was happy with how they turned out though!

My DIY Pocketfold Invitation photo 1

My DIY Pocketfold Invitation photo 2

Pocketfolds and envelopes in Candy Apple Red from

Envelopes lined with peach Thai silk

Patterned paper-Anna Griffin

Flourish Stamp, peach, green, ivory card stock -Stampin Up

Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

We are having a rehearsal "luncheon" since our rehearsal is so late at the chapel.  It's at a local steakhouse in the historic Stockyards in downtown Fort Worth.  At 4:00pm there is a real catlle drive right down the street, great for the out of towners!

Here are my rehearsal dinner invites I whipped up:

My DIY Pocketfold Invitation photo 3

My DIY Pocketfold Invitation photo 4


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My DIY Bridal Shower Martini Invites, I was pleased with how they came out!  I didn't want a "traditional" bridal shower so we are having a "Love in Paradise" martini shower instead!

Bridal Shower photo 1

Bridal Shower photo 2Bridal Shower photo 3

Bridal Shower photo 4Bridal Shower photo 5

Bridal Shower photo 6Bridal Shower photo 7

Bridal Shower photo 8Bridal Shower photo 9

Bridal Shower photo 10Bridal Shower photo 11

My bridal shower was amazing!  The decor, the food, the martinis, the girls really outdid themselves! 

If you need any ideas for martinis, I have killer recipes for a wedding cake martini and a tidal wave!

Wedding Cake Martini

6 counts Vanilla Vodka

1 1/2 count Pineapple juice

Splash of Cranberry juice

Pour ingredients over a healthy scoop of ice in a shaker.

Shake and pour!

Garnish with a mararscino cherry

Tidal Wave Martini

1 1/2 oz Coconut rum

1 oz blue Curacao

3/4 oz fresh lime juice

1/2 oz amaretto

1 TB coconut cream

1 tsp superfine sugar

lime slice

Shake and pour, garnish with lime slice.