Jan 10, 2009

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From the very beginning, I was 100% sure that I wanted LETTERPRESS.  What I did not know was that letterpress card was sooo costly!  After spending many hours browsing various websites, I found one perfect destination-- ETSY!! There are many many talented people who make letterpress invitations, but I found this one amazingly reasonable seller, Blackbird Press!! (http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5069203)  The cost was $320 for 75 invitations(Her price went up these days though).  We decided not to make RSVP cards and direction cards since the invited guests can RSVP on our wedding website and check the direction on google map :-)

We also added the lining & a sage satin ribbon on the card. 

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Shortly after I got engaged, I found out that Saks in NY had a sample sale.  I was planning to go back to Japan the following month for a while, so I could not miss this sale as I was not sure when my wedding was going to be!  Ever since I watched "Legally Blonde 2", I dreamed of myself getting married in a REEM ACRA dress,,,and found one at the sample sale! (It was the same dress as Marcia Cross wore in her wedding)

1 Big Problem---  I am size Petite 0 !  All the sample gowns were in size 10 including the one my friend and I had our eyes on. 

The wedding consultant was persuasive enough that it could be altered without a problem,and I purchased the gown.  I kind had the mixed feelings though.  I am the type of gal who can spend hours browsing a bridal magazine ,but my dress hunting ended less than 1 hour.  I also felt like the dress was overpowering and I did not look like me.

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I brought it back with me to Japan, brought it to the tailor and found out that it was nearly impossible to alter it to my size.

After I came back to the U.S and started looking for a new dress, I found out about the couture experience at Amy Kuschel.  I checked their website and found some dresses I liked.  My far most favorite one of all was "Swanson" which I ended up trying on first.  I looked at myself in the mirror and I almost cried!! I tried several others just to see if I was going to be interested in other dresses (and just because I did not want to end up like the last time)  but no other dress was as outstanding. 

Because I spent some $$ on my failed Reem Acra dress, I did not want to spend too much money.  "Swanson" was not the cheapest dresses at Amy Kuschel, but after all it was well worth it!!  I got many compliments from the guests and most importantly, I felt good wearing it!

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Mr. B and I met at a Japanese conversation club in college.  We became good friends and began dating in Feburary 2003, but shortly after, I transferred to another college.  Three years of long distance relationship between Wisconsin and Pennsylvania followed, Mr.B proposed to me on October 21, 2006- a few days before my 25th birthday!!

After the engagement, I went back to Japan to spend some time with my family and worked for a year there.  Meanwhile, Mr.B completed his MS and moved to the Bay area.  After a lengthy application process, my fiancée visa was approved in April 2008 and we were finally reunited in June 2008.  We had our "first" wedding at San Francisco city hall on June 27th and finally our "second" wedding on January 10, 2009.  We had a very intimate wedding with 55 guests from across the U.S and abroad.

Mr. B and I wanted our wedding to reflect who we are.  I am Japanese who went to school in the U.S and Mr. B is American who went to school in Japan---We love both cultures and languages!!  We also wanted our American guests to learn something about Japan while Japanese guests do the same about the U.S.  So, we ended up having a bilingual ceremony and an American style reception with Japanese twists!  

Though guests may have had some miscommunication and "lost in translation" moments, our wedding turned out wonderful  and many guests seemed to enjoy it.  Most importantly, Mr. B and I were very very happy :-)