May 10, 2010

Behind the Scene
( 4.8 / 5.0 )
LOVE Ruth.
She is such a sweet little lady who truly wants to make your day all about you.
My quartet was late, my bridesmaids were drunk, Korean ceremony items were missing, my family was missing, you name it...it happened. But thanks to Ruth, I had no idea.

My one negative comment pertains to the fact that she referred our florist, Jen K, to us. (Please see details from my awful experience with Jen K for more details.)

She is worth every penny.

Ignore what the world says about you not need a coordinator, they are WRONG! You need a coordinator the day of your wedding. Time moves faster that day and you have no time to be worrying about anything beyond your pitter-pattering soul.
Services used: Wedding Planning

jen k floral design
( 0.2 / 5.0 )
Stay away from this vendor ESPECIALLY if it's for your wedding.

Jen K will scam you by presenting an amazing mock-up of your centerpiece. On the day of your wedding, you will NOT receive what you were shown.

We were presented a beautiful arrangement of 95% roses with some cream accents of cymbidium orchids for $175 per arrangement. The flowers that she brought to our wedding looked like awful FUNERAL flowers comprised of wilting white roses, ugly hydrangea with some lipstick red roses and disgusting yellow sprouts hanging out of them. The arrangements at our wedding were of 33% roses and MOSTLY ugly hydrangea for $218 per arrangement. Adding insult to injury, she also added YELLOW dendrobium to the arrangements when yellow was not even a part of our BURGUNDY wedding. On top of the centerpieces, she charged me $225 for 3 altar arrangements and presented us with 2 arrangements and 3 small vases for $675 on our wedding day!!!

None of the different varietals of roses that she listed on our invoices were included. None of the color scheme requests were honored.

AGAIN, WE ASKED FOR A *BURGUNDY* wedding with light accents of cream.

We won our case today in court against Jen K for a refund of $2k on our $5k invoice due to the severe discrepancy in what was delivered and what we paid for. Every word that she spoke in court was a lie. She forged documents and presented false words as evidence.

She is forgetful, unreliable and dishonest. She will change her pricing on you if you do not check her invoices line by line. She will not remember to call you at times that you have scheduled. She will forget to respond to emails. She will forget the colors of your wedding. She will forget details that you requested. She will scam you in any way that she can.

Please find an integrity-driven florist to bring your dream to fruition.
DO NOT contract Jen K.
Services used: Flowers