Jun 02, 2012

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I have been working with Kaleigh Wiese at Meldeen Paper on our save the dates, programs and invites. We got the copy in our mail today and will be sending it to print. And way ahead of schedule too! 

The BAM on the front has a little story. My FI and I were discussing how movie star couples mash their names together, i.e. Bennifer, Bradgalina (or however you spell that). We wondered together, if we were famous what our name mash-up would be. Ben + Sam = BAM. We use that now (accompanied with a fist bump) whenever we do something cool as a couple. And now we are incorporating it into our carnival/circus wedding theme. 
The Save the Dates are In photo 1

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I just turned thirty, I just graduated from college last December, and planning a wedding. I'm business minded, a natural planner, and an absolute neat freak. I am amazingly blessed to have found my future husband, Ben. We fell in love over comic books, theater, and various other nerdy things. He is creative, an organic thinker, and is learning to be a neat freak. We make a perfect team and play equal parts in planning the wedding. (Even if he is more of a bridezilla than I am.) We have decided on a carnival themed ceremony and reception. We work together on our DIY projects so we can save our pennies for our Walt Disney World honeymoon.