Jun 16, 2012

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Never in a million years would I have thought I'd be getting married......  While most little girls dreamt being swept away by a knight in shinning armor on a majestic white horse, I just couldn't wait to be a grown up....  The thought of being my own boss and doing what I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it was all I could envisions.....  Growing up all the married couples I knew were either obviously unhappy and getting a divorce or obviously unhappy and settling.....   Either way "marriage" was of no importance to me. 

After college many of my friends were getting married and divorced soon after....  I dated the same guy thought my entire college years, infact we have a 10 year daughter. But when he started bringing up "marriage" I took that as my que to bolt... And so I did..

It was during a church service the first lady spoke on marriage and how we as men and woman needed one another.  My SPIRIT was vexed.  Needless to say I had a serious discrepancy with that lesson. 

For years the concept of marriage was simply a way for a man to hinder and control his woman..  To make a long story short I just have to say is GOD is GOOD......  Because my views on "marriage" was so distorted I couldn't see that I was my problem.  Thanks my Lord and Savior and the many friends praying, watching over and mentoring me,  June 16th 2012 I will be saying " I DO"!