Jul 29, 2011

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The Bridesmaid dress is After Six style 6553 -the main colour is Tutti Frutti and the waistband is Black.

                   Bridesmaid Style photo 1

                     Here are the shoes my MOH and sister-in-law Ruth picked out -I love them!

                   Bridesmaid Style photo 2

                                                 Here's her hairstyle:


                    This is her necklace -I didn't want a pink one since the dress is such a bright shade so I think the colours will tie in nicely!!


Hair pins -My hairstylist suggested that these pins may be too much with the hair clip that I'm using already so I'm thinking they would work with the dress.

Bridesmaid Style photo 6Bridesmaid Style photo 7 

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We're going to have a couple of different ideas incorporated into our wedding day; instead of having a guest book that I feel would be stored away and never really looked at very much, we're going to have a picture frame (plain white cardboard) at every table for the guests to sign -Ross's idea was to have the photographer take a picture of each table so not only would we have a keepsake we'd also have a picture of everyone!

                                Some Fun Twists photo 1

We are going to have vintage looking pictures frames similar to this one for our table numbers -the table linen is white so the black will really stand out. We're also not doing numbers but rather we're going to incorporate Ross's favourite sport -golf- by naming each table after one of Ross's favourite golf courses that are on his "bucket list" to play.  


                                               Table Names:                                          

                                               *Pebble Beach

                                               *St. Andrews -Old Course

                                               *Augusta National


                                               *Pinehearst #2


                                               *Torrey Pines                                       

                                               *Royal Troon                                                          

Another of Ross's ideas (I'm telling you, it's not just looks I'm marrying ;) is to have a cute stuffed bear (a "me to you" bear) which is huge in England sat on a table -no one will know what it's for- until the best man's speech: he'll tell everyone to look on the inside of their placecards where they'll be a name in each one. A few days before the wedding we'll get someone impartial to randomly pick a name from a pre-made list, write it down and put it in an envelope. The best man will open it up and announce the name and whoever has that name wins the bear -and it's soooo cute!

                                  Some Fun Twists photo 2

Our wedding favours: photo frame coasters! More polka dots to go with the cake and bridemaid bouquet wrap!


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Ross and his groomsmen are all wearing classic black stripe suits, charcoal grey vests with pink (tutti frutti-dessy) ties and pocket squares -the pink ties were actually his idea! Our ring bearer -his dad is the best man-will wear a mini version of the outfit, minus the jacket.                 

                                               The Guys photo 1

            The Guys photo 2                 The Guys photo 3

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       For our cake, I'd love to incorporate black and white polka dots (which I LOVE.) 

                     Let Us Eat Cake photo 1    

                         Let Us Eat Cake photo 4

Here is the cake topper we've ordered from Etsy seller thepinkkoala -ours will have black Labs instead of chocolate, pink flowers instead of red; the "bride" will have a pink sash around her waist ;) and the "groom will have a pink neck tie and will be holding a golf club.


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The theme for the wedding is vintage chic with pops of colour. The bridesmaid dresses are bright pink and since it's my absolute favourite colour it will feature prominently in most aspects of the day. Since I'm on PW a LOT ;) and the FI tends to peek at the screen from time to time I'm hesitant to describe or post details of my dress. The one exception though is this fabulous sash that I custom ordered through Etsy -seller gracefullygirly.

                              My Bridal Style photo 1 

I love it so much and since I'm definitely a bright colour kind of girl, I think it will be perfect to break the all-white effect of the dress (he knows it's white but I told him there are over 200 shades!)

I'm not wearing a veil -it just never appealed to me- so I decided to buy some great hair accessories and wear my hair in a low-do. This is the piece I'll be wearing -Glitzy Secrets Vintage Hair Clip. 


This is the hairstyle I'm going with -it's different from my hair trial but I decided since I'm growing my hair out (and should be pretty long by summer) that I'll wear it half-up, half-down -pulled back with my barrette and topped off with a gorgeous headband. My headband is like the one pictured below, but with a dark gray ribbon rather than the white shown.


              My headband, bought from Etsy shop ClayBouquetShop; I LOVE IT!!


                                                  Makeup inspiration



                                           My Hair and Makeup Trial




       My gorgeous clutch (and my gray touch) that I bought from guess where? ETSY!! jennalou06.


           My wedding ceremony jewellery -from Etsy shop BridalBeads -the pearls will be rosaline.  


                                   My ceremony shoes -Nina Poesy in Royal Silver



Going with the vintage style theme, I LOVE this dress for a reception dress -still "bridey" but a lot lighter so it would be easier to move around in.


                          These are my reception shoes :) Wanted Punk in pink


My reception jewellery from missjoanshobby (Etsy) -necklace -I'll be wearing these earrings from Etsy shop crystalglowdesigns -the crystal will be one shade darker in rose. 



I've ordered this garter from Etsy seller gracefullygirly (the same place I bought my sash.) It just needs the rhinestone in the middle of the flower :)


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My bridesmaids will be wearing hot pink dresses so I thought I would have them carry white flowers (roses and lilies) and I'd carry the bright bouquet -hot pink roses and stargazer lilies.



                                   I love these simple bright centerpieces



                                                  Ideas for my bouquet

            My Floral Inspirations photo 4