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Jul 11, 2008

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Salon Studio 2000
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
#1) Most people only care to have a skillful person for their wedding. In fact, it is wrong. The person's integrity and sense of responsibility are extremely important. Without those elements, the skillful vendor can mess up your day. TRUST ME! I got Suzie do my hair and Jamie Huang did the makeup in my wedding. There were many unexpected things happened after I signed the contract, however, they are v. responsible and accommodating. I got the BEST out of what I paid for. Suzie is obviously a very honest and skillful hair stylist . She always made sure things were right and she was very patient to find out what I wanted for my wedding. Besides, she also gave very frank advice. On my wedding day, I did not provide enough fresh flowers for Suzie. She was very resourceful and she can just use the flowers' petals of the corsage to create an elegant, simple and gorgeous hair. Without doubt, she was very talented and she can easily create different hair style just with the left-over corsage. At first, the one who did my trial was a very good makeup person but she was in a rush to finish the task. During the first trial, I saw Jamie Huang did a beautiful makeup on someone else. Particularly I was impressed with her serious attitude. Finally, I decided to hire Jamie. She spent hours to do my trial. After that, she requested to have another trial for free. She seemed care the makeup to be perfect even more than me. Before, the wedding, both Suzie and Jamie also communicate with me. Their serious attitude towards their job make me amazed! Some vendors may not give too much effort if they do not feel the deal is very profitable. However, Suzie and Jamie have entirely different attitude. I think it is just their personality and life attitude. They always want to do their best. I were very stressful before and during my wedding. Especially my dress had problem on my wedding day. Contrarily, because of hiring Suzie and Jamie, I was very confident for the part they were responsible for. Very responsible !!!!!honest !!!!! skillful!!!!! good price !!!!! I strongly recommend them. H. Ng #2) Salon Studio 2000 offers a very pleasant atmosphere and a good variety of services. Most importantly, I enjoyed working with Suzie, who is the owner and is very considerate, helping, and personal. I would recommend Salon Studio 2000. Uyen #3) I hired Suzie and her makeup artist friend, Kristin Chow, to do my wedding in Half Moon Bay. They showed up on time and everyone looked great, even my grumpy mother-in-law (she looked 20 years younger). I got so many compliments on how I looked (thanks, Kristin!) and my friend wants to copy my hair when she gets married. I was highly stressed due to wedding-related chaos, but once I got in the chair and they started to work, they calmed me down and made me feel beautiful and bridal. They even stayed all day and followed us around touching up hair. My friend with extremely curly hair got it straghtened and LOVED it. My mom wanted to keep her hair going the next day. My sister kept telling me I needed to pay attention and do my makeup like that all the time. Then the girls even booked a table at the same restaurant just because they felt like part of the day. I couldn't have asked for better service, and they were worth every penny they asked for. Cynthia Gong
Services used: Beauty & Health, Dress & Attire, Photography