Dec 06, 2009

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About the bride

Christina was born in Libertyville, Il and decided after four short years that the cold, rural, midwest was not for her (and her parents were moving).  The oldest girl of seven children, she quickly learned to speak her mind and doll out "motherly" advice.  After living a few years in Southern California her family settled in Northern California, Sacramento, to be precise.   She attended Loretto High school, dated Jesuit boys and developed a love of music, piano, and singing.   She left Sacramento to attend Loyola Marymount University as a major in Music.  After one year she decided to move back home to Sacramento where she would eventually meet her future husband...

About the groom

Andrew was born in Pacifica, Ca and spent his formative years growing up there.  He attended Alma Heights Academy through the twelfth grade and learned to drive on the hilly, steep, bay-area roads with breath-taking views.  It was then that he developed a passion for driving and an appreciation of art.  After graduating high school he took some time off to work and "enhance" his automotive repertoire.   With the support of his family he went back to school where he found himself mixing his two loves: cars and art.  After experimenting in the art of living as an artist he decided to move to Sacramento, where his brother was going to school.  It was here where he would someday meet his future wife....


How we met

Once Upon a Time....

In a land called Sacramento, there lived a boy going to school and a girl just moved back home.  The scholarly boy attended Sacramento State majoring in Mechanical Engineering.  The wandering girl began the first of many years at American River College.  Both worked for the Sac State Newman center.   They worked side by side starting fall of 2004.  Not long after Halloween they fell in love and November 2, 2004 they were a couple.  

Many years went by, full of changes. He changed his major, she changed jobs, she changed her major, he changed jobs, they both changed jobs a few more times and he finished school and graduated from American River with a degree in Automotive Technology. 

As time went by they knew that they wanted more than to feel official, they wanted to be official.  And so, a proposal was in order.....



Date of event


How we got engaged

It was our third anniversary and our relationship had blossomed into a deep connection.  We decided to make a small day trip to one of our favorite places: Apple Hill.  It had a great drive for Andrew and quaint novelty for me.  We enjoyed a nice drive with beautiful weather and a breakfast of coffee and apple fritters.  We walked around all morning and as the afternoon drew near Andrew became a bit antsy.  After swallowing down a quick lunch, Andrew stood up and went to one knee.  100% nervous but 100% certain, right there, in the restaurant, with less than $10 in his bank account, Andrew proposed.