May 28, 2011

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Our Wedding day was soooo beautiful - we had so much luck with the weather. It was forecasted to rain all day but nothing came.

I slept this night at my parents house and Manuel in our apartment. My sis Isabell and I were woken up at 05:30 a.m. by firecrackers and fireworks. My aunties and cousins stand in front of our house with fresh buns waiting for a coffee :) It is a tradition in our family do this when a couple get married. It was a funny morning. At 9 a.m. I had my hair appointment. I was back at 11:30 and did my make up and manicure/pedicure. I was so releaxed - the calm in personality :)

At 1:30 p.m. we began with pics in our garden and then went at 3:15 p.m. to the church. The ceremony was held by Pastor Erich Elpers and it was the best ceremony were I have been so far - it last over one and a half hours (a christian catholic ceremony) and as we walked outside our guest welcomed us with thousands of bubbles, this was such a beautiful moment.

After welcomend our guest we went over to our restaurant for our champagne reception and then had dinner at 7 p.m.  We had a 4 course table plated menue and everything was sooooo yummy; for dessert we serve our wedding cake and vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberrys.

After dinner our friend surprised us with some funny wedding games and then - finally - we had our First dance as Mr. and Mrs. We danced through Leona Lewis song "A moment like this" - our parents had teardrops in their eyes, it was so overwhelming.

At midnight we celebrate the money/veil-dance. It was so much fun to dance with every one of our guests :) And then we celebrate till next morning at 7:30 a.m. with our guest with lots of drinks and very good music. 

See our PRO-PICS and enjoy it <3

Finally I m Married photo 1       Finally I m Married photo 2

Finally I m Married photo 3

Finally I m Married photo 4

Finally I m Married photo 5          Finally I m Married photo 6

Finally I m Married photo 7           Finally I m Married photo 8

Finally I m Married photo 9 

Finally I m Married photo 10          Finally I m Married photo 11

Finally I m Married photo 12

Finally I m Married photo 13

Finally I m Married photo 14

Finally I m Married photo 15

Finally I m Married photo 16

Finally I m Married photo 17

Finally I m Married photo 18

Finally I m Married photo 19

Finally I m Married photo 20


And something for fun :o)

Finally I m Married photo 21       Finally I m Married photo 22

Finally I m Married photo 23

Finally I m Married photo 24


More to come soon <3


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OMG - Girls, I'm so addicted to shoes, above all, I love especially high heels.

These are my shoe purchases of the last 2 1/2 month. Totally 13 pairs of shoes and I have to say that most of them from USA (7 pairs). There you can buy so great and beautiful shoes. Something like this is so hard to get in Germany. The shoes here in Germany are most very stuffily. In the USA, you really get also very unusual footwear. I love shoes that not everyone has. And one of the few sites that deliver to Germany is
They have in the past few weeks really well deserved on me :o)

Here are my beauties <3

Badgley Mischka Womens Randall Pump in purple (190 $ but I coudn't resist)

Ahhh I m addicted to shoes photo 1



Nina Womens Eliziana Sandal in Canaray

Ahhh I m addicted to shoes photo 2


Caparros Womens Lizzie Open Toe in black

Ahhh I m addicted to shoes photo 3


Seychelles Womens Hullabaloo Wedge in brown

Ahhh I m addicted to shoes photo 4


Carlos by Carlos Santana Womens Prestige Open toe in red

Ahhh I m addicted to shoes photo 5


Seychelles Womens Hullabaloo Wedge in yellow

Ahhh I m addicted to shoes photo 6


Nina Womens Electra in Apple green

Ahhh I m addicted to shoes photo 7


EDC by Esprit Open Toe in suede

Ahhh I m addicted to shoes photo 8


EDC by Esprit Open Toe in brown leather

Ahhh I m addicted to shoes photo 9


Roman Sandals with glass pearls in brown from Deichmann

Ahhh I m addicted to shoes photo 10


Roman Flip Flops with Seashells from Deichmann in sand

Ahhh I m addicted to shoes photo 11


EDC by Esprit Flip Flops in brown with rivets

Ahhh I m addicted to shoes photo 12


Ballerina shoes in White from Deichmann

Ahhh I m addicted to shoes photo 13

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Hi Ladies,

Since last Friday 06. May I'm officially married to the love of my life and my soulmate Manuel. Now I'm Mrs. Klose.

On Friday we had our cevil ceremony in Emsdetten, our hometown. In Germany you first have to marry in a cevil ceremony and then you can choose if you would like to marry also in a church wedding. We will have ours on the 28. May with a big reception.

We had a lovely and beautiful wedding day. The sun shines the whole day and it was so warm. After the ceremony we have had white doves flying in the sky. This was an amazing moment! After this we went to my parent's home and eat lots of yummy cake and in the evening we had a great dinner of a local catering service. Everything went so awesome and I would like to do it again (3 weeks and I can do it :o)

I love my dress - it was so light and airy and my georgeus Nina Electra Apple green shoes. Perfect matches my bridal bouquet with green orchids (hard to get them in Germany - my florist ordered them from south Germany), white roses, hydrangeas and daisies. I've wrapped it with a green organza belt and put my three bridal charms on it. One with a wedding picture of my parents (married now for 31 years),one with my grandpa who died 1996 and a picture of my other grandparents (grandpa died 1976 - I've unfortunately never met him, but he was said to be very funny and my grandma died last December. I miss her so so much - She was like a second Mom to me and my siblings andshe lived with my family in the same house since my parents married)

I love my hubby till the end and we both will now enjoy our new time as Mrs. and Mr.

Here are pics of our wedding day. I'm soooo in love <3


I m officially Mrs Klose photo 1


I m officially Mrs Klose photo 2


I m officially Mrs Klose photo 3


I m officially Mrs Klose photo 4


I m officially Mrs Klose photo 5


I m officially Mrs Klose photo 6


I m officially Mrs Klose photo 7


I m officially Mrs Klose photo 8       I m officially Mrs Klose photo 9


I m officially Mrs Klose photo 10        I m officially Mrs Klose photo 11

 I m officially Mrs Klose photo 12       I m officially Mrs Klose photo 13


I m officially Mrs Klose photo 14

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Hi Ladies,

Oh my godness, today I got my dress and I'm absolutly in love with it. This morning I haven't look forward to my appointment this afternoon at the bridal shop. But the dress now fits so perfectly. Just some pictures of my last fitting - it was so much fun, because the bustle of the dress is so crazy complicated. I pity my sister :o)  But she have done it very great. She had note herself an instruction for the bustle - have a look. And what do you think about this great train. I love it so so much <3


Final Fitting photo 1     Final Fitting photo 2


Final Fitting photo 3     Final Fitting photo 4 


Final Fitting photo 5     Final Fitting photo 6


Final Fitting photo 7     Final Fitting photo 8


Final Fitting photo 9

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I saw this survey on fellow PW bride, Aroma's bio and thought it was adorable and fun to do.
So I'm including it in my bio as well.


How old are you both?            I am 25 and FI is 24, but on wedding date he will be 25 too.

Do you have any pets?            No, not at the moment, but we think in one year when we get our own home we will have a cute dog (a Labrador or a German Longhair – it is a Hunting dog race


Was the proposal a complete surprise?          Yes, a little bit – we were on holiday last year and I have suspected on this :o)


Will the wedding guests be "balanced?"         Yes it is all balanced – we will have 137 guests.


What are some traditions you're keeping at your wedding?               Father/Daughter Dance, Mother/Son Dance, bouquet toss, Cake cutting, something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a sixpence in your shoe.




Are you buying his wedding band for him?                No, we bought our wedding bands together at a very good jeweler in Ibbenbüren.


What is one thing about your FI that drives you nuts?           Mhhh, let me think about… After the shower he always walks with still wet feet on the carpet in the bedroom - I get upset every time. Sometimes he even makes it extra to annoying me - mean, right? And he always "forgot" his boxers on the bathroom floor. Typical man I think :o)




What are you most looking forward to about being married?             Finally making it official, we've been together for a very long time (eight years) and he is the love of my life. I adore him and can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him. He is so lovely!




Inside or outside?       Inside for the ceremony and the reception.



List anything you dislike.        unfriendly people, rain, horror movies, the color black, and bad food


How many people will be there?         137 + - 5 people – till now we haven’t get back all RSVP.

Time of day?               Ceremony begins at 15:30 pm and the reception directly after the ceremony. I think at 17:15 pm and then we make party till the next morning.




Wedding Theme?           romantic, elegant, exceptionally


How many bridesmaids?         In Germany it is no tradition to have bridesmaids. The bridal couple only have a Maid of Honor and a best man. My MOH is my twin-sister Isabell




What kind of cake / what will it look like?       We will get a 4 tier cake on a stairs-stand (my brother had built it). Four different favors -> chocolate cake, Baumkuchen, raspberry mascarpone and Black forest gateau. The chocolate cake and Baumkuchen will have chocolate icing and the both others will have fondant icing. Every cake will decorate with a real red rose bouquet and with dots on the site.



What kind of dress will you have / color/material?                 My dress is a Pronovias gown, style “Malaga”. I love it so much, it is so romantic and totally me. All over with Spanish lace and fortunately no BLING on it - not even a pearl. Best choice!!!
My veil is custom made by Candi Merle of Crowning Glory Designs. It is a hip length veil with Spanish lace all over the edge. It matches my dress perfectly.


What kind of flowers in your bouquet?           My bouquet will only made of red roses, nothing else




Kind of engagement ring? 




How will you wear your hair?              On cevil ceremony totally down and on the catholic ceremony I will wear it up.




Who will be important to be there?                 Everyone that we invited, but of course myself and the groom and my twin sister Isabell – she’s everything to me!!




How long will you be engaged before you get married?         Almost 10 month.




Live together before or wait till married?        We've lived together since April 2010.  




Take a long time to plan the wedding or will it be simple?                I've been planning my dream wedding most time of my life :o) I have a part time job as a waiter and there I got many Inspirations for our BIG DAY!





Will you write your own vows or use something pre-made?  We will write our own.


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In Germany it is normal that you first have a civil ceremony and then - if the couple wants - even a church wedding with a large celebration held. We have our civil ceremony on Friday, 06. May 2011 Emsdetten in our hometown. It is a small courtyard with timber-framed houses where the registry office is. In May, there it is especially nice because the large trees were so green and in the garden the flowers will blooming everywhere. This registry office is really the best in the vicinity.

These are some pictures of the registry office:


The wedding venue and Catholic Church photo 1


For the cevil ceremony I will wear a white dress too. I have bought this lovely chiffon-dress from The dress is wonderfully airy and I think it's perfect for a civil wedding because it's nice and simple I can move so well in it.



And for my cevil ceremony I will wear the Nina Electra`s in apple green. And I still can't believe it that I have them now! I searched for over two month on the american internet stores to get these shoes, but no shop were able to ship to Germany. But than I found a seller on which shippes to Germany by airmail. Although the shoes were $ 40 more expensive than in all other stores ($ 130 + $ 45 shipping cost - normaly the shoes cost $ 90 ) but I finally got my dream shoes which I wanted to have. Here are my beauties in action.


I will wear my hair with big curls and totally down - FI loves my hair when it has curls. Normally I have very straight hair therefore I love to have a different hairstyle on our big day. Furthermore I have a facinator for my hair - only of feathers andpearls.
Here are some inspirations from me :)


I love these facinators 


For our cevil ceremony I would love to have a bouquet with green orchids and white roses like the picture on the left. This is exactly what I'm looking for - as I will wear my green Nina Electra's :o)

Flowers, Reception, Pink, White, Green, Ceremony, Red, Orange, Brown, Blue, Purple, Bridesmaids, Black, Yellow, Gold, Centerpieces, Silver, Bouquets, Florals, Exquisite blooms        


Today I was at our florists. I ordered my bridal bouquet for our cevil ceremony and I ordered a sample of a boutonnière for FI to wear at the cevil ceremony. I get it today. Love it and FI too. On our day it will looks as same as this now. It is made of the same flowers like these of my bridal boquet. We decided not to use one big white rose - we only use the rose petals and these were rolled and wrapped with grass and silver wire. The idea is great.