May 28, 2011

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Oh Girls, I had my first fitting on 3/3/2011 at the Anabella store in Münster. I've been waiting so long and then know that ...
On the upper body, the dress has the perfect fit however the skirt the tailors sewed too tight. It was super annoying. After buying the dress I've lost 7 lbs and even then it was still too narrow. Now she has to change my skirt again and I have to wait until 24/03/2011 - then I have my second fitting. I hope the dress will fit perfectly. Although the 1. fitting wasn't perfect, I love my dress so so much - it's a dream gown, my dream gown!!! At the 2. fitting next week, we will then see, how we will bustle the dress. I think that it will be a French Bustle. I'm looking so forward to next week  :o)
Here are some pictures of my first fitting, love how my veil matches my gown so perfectly!!!





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Manuel and I decided to have our own vows for the ceremony. These are the two we have choosen. First one is my vow and the second one is Manuels vow. We will print it on special vow cards which says on the front "Yes". But till now I haven't done it - too much stress at the moment...



You're my best friend forever!


I promise you my eternal love and fidelity; to honour you, support you and to put always again a smile on your faith within our common path through life.


If our way will be once difficult and complicated, I promise you to stand by you and to uplift and encourage you again and again, so that through our union we can accomplish more than we could alone.   


I promise to work on our common love every second of our love and that you will forever be the No. 1 in my life! With every beat of my heart I love you so much. This is my solemn vow.


Manuel, with this ring I will give you my promise to never leave you alone again. May my heart be your guardian, and my arms your home in good and bad days.

 I love you




For my Angel!


From this day forward I promise you these things:


I will laugh with you in times of joy and comfort you in times of sorrow.


I will share in your dreams and support you as you strive to achieve your goals.


I will fill your life with sunshine and my endless love to you and I will listen to you with compassion and understanding and speak to you with encouragement.


I will help you when you need it, and step aside when you don't.


You're my little angel - I will be forever faithful and will always love and respect you as you are!


Kathrin, with this ring I will give you my promise to never leave you alone again. May my heart be your guardian, and my arms your home in good and bad days.


I love you


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OMG, only 5 days till our BIG day on Saturday 28. May 2011. And now I'm finally on the PW list.


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In Germany it is normal that you have no bridesmaids and groomsmen. Generally one best man and a maid of honor. Manuel and I will manage it like tis way. My maid of honor is my twin sister Isabell - she is simply the best. For her, I would really do anything, I love her endlessly. I am really so happy that she will be my maid of honor - I'm looking forward to share this special moment with her​​.



Our best man will be Marcel - the best friend from FI since school. He is a handsome nice guy and I he's like a brother for FI and me. THis is the only freaky pic I could found - it's from Manuel's stag night party.


Isabell will choose her own dress. I liked it when she will bears a little sunny dress (I love yellow and Isa too). We have joined the internet looking for some dresses and then we found a wonderful dress. The manufacturer is Morrywoods - a company that copied the clothes of the hollywood stars and their dresses are really very very good. I have there already ordered a dress that is really great processed and fits perfectly . She will wear a yellow chiffon dress. The photo is from their website, but the picture doesn't do it justice - it's much prettier in person. It is a dream dress. I am a bit jealous  :o)
She will wear the shoes Jessica Simpson Women's Platform Sandal Massi. I ordered these at and Isabell loves the shoes.

UPDATE 05/13/2011:

Today Isabell's dress came in and it is so awesome. The colour is so bright and sunny. I really love it. We changed our mind regarding her flower bouquet. Now she will get a bouquet only of yellow cloves and it will be tied like a ball. Great choice!




Marcel will wear a simple black suit with a small black tie and he and our three little flower and ring bearer boys will have a small yellow boutonniere to match our MOH flower bouquet. This is my inspirations for the boutonnieres



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Manuel and I will unfortunately have no flower girls - we get "flower boys". Since no one in my family has girls aged between 1 and 10 years, we had to decide for the male version. Meanwhile, I am overjoyed that we haven't found some girls because my four little guys are really super sweet and I'm looking mad at how they are going to look in their outfits.



Manuel and I decided that we don't want to put the four little guys in a kids suit - even if it will looks sweet, I think that they are still kids, and they should also feel well in their clothes. We had looking for something practical, but it have to be look still elegant and fits with the boys. So great, we have even found something that we find both beautiful and the kids too. We have everything ordered from - a major online retailer for kids clothes and then even to a great price. All four guys get a long-sleeved white shirt and dark blue jeans (we wanted something the kids can wear in everyday life, as all four are still growing. Over the shirt they pull on a dark brown vest, as in the picture, but without the loop - we will replace the loop and put a boutonniere on the vest. The three big guys wear the brown sneakers and our little Jacob wears the mini-Chucks with checked pattern. I will get the clothes this week and am already really excited how it will look like at the guys!









The oldest is my godson Marcel (son of my cousin). He is 8 years old and the dearest boy, there is everywhere. He will bear our wedding candle on our special day, because I think he is a bit too old for sprinkle of flowers and the other little guys were too young for holding the candle!








Jonas is 5 years old and the son of my brother Peter (the one that has already built my cake stand). He is a little whirlwind and never comes to rest - I'm really curious to see how it will be with him on our wedding if he should go ahead and sprinkle the flowers. Certainly very funny.







Linus is the godson of Manuel (and his nephew too). He is 2 ½ years old and the complete opposite of Jonas. He is always totally calm and super sweet - sometimes even a little to much of calm. But I think, that although he is very young, that he will do his "job" - to sprinkle the flowers - wonderful.







And then comes our little prince - with him we have decided only a week ago to take it as our ring bearer. Jakob is the youngest son of my brother Peter and will be 1 year old in June. Maybe he can already run up to our wedding - but I do not think. My maid of honour Isabell will bear Jacob in her arms when we go into the church. That will certainly look super sweet :o)  







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Wedding Items

My Dress   -   Pronovias Gown Style "Malaga"

My Veil   -   Custom made by Candi Merle of Crowning Glory Designs

My Shoes   -   Sophie Sposa Belle Collection Style "Capri" and Carlos by Carlos Santana in shoes Red open Peep-Toe

Garther   -

Flowerboy Bucket   -

Ring pillow for Ring Bearer   -   selfmade

Suit for the three kids   -

Suit for the Groom   -   tailor made italian suit

B-Pics   -   Kristian Liebrand of

Ceremony candle   -


Vendors Booked

Ceremony & Reception Venue   -   St. Ludgerus Chatholic Church, Elte  and Gasthaus "Zum Splenterkotten", Elte

Photographer   -   Kerstin Hüging und Lena Hegemann

Disc Jockey   -   DJ Team Doubledecker Music

Wedding Cake   -   Elefantencafe, Emsdetten

Flowers   -   selfmade with my cousin Heidi, she is a professional florist

Tall candle holders for every table   -   orderd at


DIY Projects

Cupcake Stand  

Table Numbers

Polterabend-cards   -   Vistaprint


Ceremony Programs



Guest book

Card box

Wedding bubbles

"For your tears of joy"



Hope that I am not missing anything else? If so, please let me know.