May 28, 2011

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Here are some of my other DIY projects I have done till now, but I still have to do some thinks that haven`t been done yet...

I have made the guestbooks all by myself. We have two books - one for our Family and one for our friends and colleagues. I still have to do anothother book for the Pro-pics of our wedding. So we have three books which have the same look. Oh man, I want to see the glue stick never again - it was hard work and very time-consuming.

And this is the result with our guest pictures and the well wishes :)



 Our "For your tears of joy" pockets - I will take them on the last page of every ceremony-programm


And for every table of our wedding reception - two Menuecards and a sample of our place cards. We want to attach the name tags on the water glasses, which are stocked on the tables. We have a fixed seating plan.
In total we have 16 tables - Manuel and I will sitting with our parents, grandparents, maid of honor and best man at a table (14 people). At the other tables each sit 8 people. For the tables I have made table-numbers and bought funny card-holders.

DIY projects photo 7   

And please favor me :) These are our little favors. Cute little boxes with Smarties in it because DH and I are really sweets addicted!!!



Also we have two of these cameras on every guest table to make funny pics which the Photographer will might be missing - can't wait to see the results :)

DH and I would love to have bubbles for the "aisle-walk" after the ceremony. So I bought wedding-bubbles on (I think now I have 40 - 50 pieces). I have decorated every bottle with a tag - on the front side with 5 different pictures of Manuel and me and the back site says "Love is in the Air". 

DIY projects photo 11


Further things - the Card-Box and Flowerbaskets. The card-box have only costs 8 $ great choose (have it from NANU-NANA). And the flower baskets I have bought from a wedding-web-shop for only 4 $ each item. They are made from brown sisal and I have decorate them with feathers and a small heart.

    DIY projects photo 12    DIY projects photo 13


And finally our ceremony programs which I spend most of my time on - this was really a "horror" project. We had a special size for our program and I can't find an office program where I could do this really good with. So I worked it out with Microsoft Word and glad it worked after a bunch of wrong printed paper *lol* Here they are :)



I also made some cute little match packs for our midnight firework were we will also have glitter sticks for our guests


For the bathrooms in our Venue I made two bathroom basket - one for the Men and one for the Women. All guests loved them because they could fresh up theirtselfs at our wedding :)



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I have found this beautiful cake topper on and I love it. The Groom will stand on the highest cake tier and the bride will stand a tier lower (3 tier from below). The pair is made of real porcelain and very nice. Also I got it for a great deal - I definitely recommend searching on the internet if you have a thing you love :) 


                         Hochzeitsfigur "Bräutigam reicht die Hand..." 


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I love to be a DIY Bride. From the beginning I loved the idea, that I would like to do the Invitations on my own because I wanted that all of our paper-works (invitations, guestbook, ceremony-programm, etc.) have the same look like our colour-scheme.
I think that they came out very nice - something different than the cards which can everyone buy here in Germany. Unfortunately in Germany you didn't get so beautiful invitation cards like in America. I must say that I fell in love with the pocketfold invitations - Till now I have seen so many beautiful Bio's and inspirations here on PW.

These are our Invitations - hope you like them as much as I love them :o)


Front side                                                                  inside we printed everything on a clear paper to  
                                                                               have it a bit more elegant

Invitations photo 11             Invitations photo 12 


The envelope with the burgundy bow                        and the RSVP - sorry I have no pic from the

Invitations photo 13         Invitations photo 14     

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Something about us photo 1Something about us photo 2Something about us photo 3Something about us photo 4Something about us photo 5Something about us photo 6Something about us photo 7


                                              Born: 09/16/1985 in Germany / Rheine

                                                   Works in the export accounting

                                          Loves:  sport, yellow, nature and very good food


                                 Something about us photo 8   



   Something about us photo 9Something about us photo 10Something about us photo 11Something about us photo 12Something about us photo 13Something about us photo 14


                                             Born: 04/07/1986 in Germany, Münster

                                                 Employee in an insurance agency

                                                   Loves: green, films, good food, 


                                    Something about us photo 15


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This is the Catholic church where the religious ceremony on 28 May 2011 refers. The ceremony lasts about an hour and is held by the best Pastor in the world. Pastor Erich Elpers has me baptized when I was a little baby.


The wedding venue and Catholic Church photo 4



And this is the venue were we will have our reception. It is the restaurant "Zum Splenterkotten" were we will have the biggest party ever - yeahh :o) This is an very old inn in a beautiful half-timbered house-style.
It is in my hometown Elte, a really small village. I also work here as a waitress for now over ten years so I know the service and the food - and all I can say is that FI and I love it <3
They have renovated the reception hall in 2007 and now it is so beautiful and the colors in the ball room match my wedding colors so perfectly - also they have a big conservatory at the ball room from which you have a perfect view to the church were we will get married!

Here are some pics from other weddings and celebrations which were held at our venue.





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Finally we have chosen our color scheme. These three colors are the dominant colors in the room, where we will have our wedding party. Chocolate brown leather chairs, sandstone walls and burgundy-colored walls. I love this ballroom. So our colour will be ivory, brown and burgundy. We have adjusted our complete stationery on this color scheme - from the invites and guest books up to the menu cards and Favors! Love this scheme. It's so natural on the one hand with brown and ivory and on the other it is elegant with the burgundy colour which we use only as an accent colour.


          Colours photo 1