Oct 22, 2011

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How Kevin and I met

Kevin and I definitely met by chance

We met in December 2004 through the Yahoo Personals website. I was studying for finals and decided I needed a break. I chose to play around on the computer instead of studying. That led to me perusing the eligible bachelors on Yahoo Personals.

I had just moved to New Orleans, 4 months prior, and didn't really know anyone outside of school. I thought that looking through the personals would help resolve that. Upon looking at the profiles, I came across one that caught my eye. This profile wasn't my #1 "match", nor was it even in the Top #10. If I remember correctly, this profile was #23. As I was reading "KChago's" profile, I immediately noticed his rare sense of humor.

His profile had one particular line that really made me interested. "I'm looking to recruit people for my army for world domination. If you're not interested in world domination, then a date would be fine" is what sealed the deal. I wanted to contact him asap. I knew then that we would get along because our sense of humor seemed to match each other. All of the above, along with finding him pretty cute, led for me to send him an "Ice-breaker", which is what you send someone to let them know your interested.

"I like your smile, wanna chat?" was what I sent to him. A couple of days later, he responded with his yahoo chat id and I decided to take a chance and start up a conversation with him online. We chatted with each other online for about a week and a half before we exchanged phone numbers. The first time we talked, we talked for hours. After talking a few more times over the phone, we decided to meet in person.

Kevin came to my apartment to pick me up for our first date in December 2004, asked me to hold his CD's, and the rest is history.

Our Engagement Story

My love, Kevin, proposed to me the night of May 1, 2010. The day began as any other Saturday. I ran errands, Kevin went to Kung fu in Baton Rouge, followed by dinner at his parents house. I didn't think there was anything special about the day, but apparently Kevin thought otherwise. After a great dinner and visiting with his family, I went upstairs to get ready for bed and play around on the computer. Kevin stayed downstairs and played his video game.

As I was shutting the computer down, Kevin came upstairs and we began cutting up and goofing off with each other, as we usually do. We're laying in the bed and he begins to tell me the sweetest things. Then, he asked me to close my eyes, which I did. I heard him fumbling around in the gun safe. I had no idea what he was going to present me with and the furthest idea from my mind was an engagement ring! (I honestly thought he was going to give me some sort of attachment for my gun, which was a Valentine's Day present from him!)

A few moments later, he asked me to open my eyes. When I did, he was looking into my eyes and asked me, "Jessica, will you be my wife? Will you marry me?" I said yes immediately and then from behind the pillows, he pulled out a ring box. Shock set in at that moment, but when he opened the box and I saw the ring, I was grateful I was semi-laying down, because I am sure I would've fallen over!!! He presented me with the ring that we chose together and it is even more beautiful than I could've ever imagined.

I have been saying since moments after the proposal, "I feel like the Saints have won the Super Bowl all over again! I'm still in shock and can't believe it happened!" The proposal was perfect. Kevin seized the moment and said he knew that moment was the perfect. It's the small moments that we share that mean so much to us, and this was definitely no exception. This moment was very "us", which is what we both wanted. He caught me completely off guard.

Kevin is the best thing that has ever come into my life. I am still so grateful that I took a chance on-line one night, back in December 2004. I should've been studying , but instead I found the love of my life and now my future husband. The rest is history and we are just beginning the wonderful journey into the future. I am so lucky.