Nov 11, 2012

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Boy and girl worked together for a year but because they were in different departments, they never really talked to each other. It was at a co-worker's party, both drunk and stumbling, when they started hitting it off and from there it was history <3

It was around 11 pm when the boy asked the girl to go to the beach and take a walk. They did it often enough that she didn't suspect anything. After walking a block, she noticed a picnic was set up. There was a blanket laid out, two throws to keep them warm, a bottle of wine, grilled cheese sandwiches and spaghetti; the girl's favorite foods. Out of nowhere their friend's come out and start singing "Marry Me", one of her favorite song. The boy pulls the girl up and they start dancing to the music, all the while singing along and still she thinks it's just a random romantic surprise. At the end of the song he goes down on one knee and asks her to marry him. It was a beautiful Christmas Eve morning.

Marry Me photo 1