Sep 10, 2011

DH and I have been together 10 years now...holy crap! Married for nearly two and loving every second of time I spend with this wonderful man. PW was a lifesaver for my wedding and I just can't bring myself to leave! I just adore all the amazing women I meet and the opportunity to see so many creative, beautiful weddings is just awesome!
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 I was surprised and delighted to see I'd been granted BOTW, I feel like "I have arrived" in PW land :) I try to keep as many of my pages as possible open, to hopefully inspire and encourage other brides! I love to read everyone's unique stories and follow your wedding journeys, so please add me as a friend if you wish and don't hesitate to ask me any questions. I feel so honored everytime someone says they were inspired by something I've done, and it is for CERTAIN that my wedding would have only contained a fraction of the beauty and magic it did without PW. I lived and breathed for this site during my planning process, and I'm a very proud alum! I love all the positive energy everyone has and even though I'm not planning my own weddding any longer, PW is like a shot in the arm for creativity!!








It was really cool to see my bouquet in the Love IT! feature...this is the thing I get asked about more than anything from other brides, and I know of at least 4 others who have used the same vendor I did after seeing my pictures. I LOVE being able to help and inspire like that!! I was so worried about my flowers because I went with fake to save money and thought they might look tacky. How wrong I was! I used and I HIGHLY reccommend the 'Natural Touch' flowers. My photographer actually thought they were real and kept getting all sorts of close-ups of them right away because she didn't want them to wilt! She couldn't believe it when I told her no worries :) I have this bouquet displayed in my living room now, along with a wedding picture in a crystal frame. (It goes with NOTHING in my decor and I couldn't care less, I love it!)

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I am so excited to become one of the newest PW Hostesses!

PW Hostess What an Honor photo 1

What an absolute honor!! I have said it before – I owe the beauty of my wedding in no small part to PW and this wonderful community – and I only hope I can inspire and encourage new brides-to-be as much as so many of you did for me.


I LOVE weddings! I love talking, discussing, dreaming, looking at pictures, planning…all of it! That is why I can’t get enough of this site and when you add in the fabulous group of women that gather to share their experiences and build each other up – it’s amazing!


So ask me anything. Really, truly anything. I will do my best to answer and if I don’t know I will certainly give you my opinion!! And I will help point you toward someone who does know or where you might look. That’s really what this is all about – sharing and learning and not necessarily having the right answers but knowing that we are all unique and that we all have something worthwhile to contribute!!

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I had no clue what I wanted my reception hall to look like for the longest time. I was definitely on a budget, and there wasn't anything that really jumped out at I was happy to find a woman in the area who specialized in reception centerpieces, and she provided a table with linens and all sorts of decoration and glassware for me to experiment with! This is what I came up with, it's not based on anything in particular:

Here are my centerpieces photo 3122342-1 Here are my centerpieces photo 3122342-2

Here is how it looked on the actual night:

Reception Decor photo 1 Reception Decor photo 2

Reception Decor photo 3

I pretty much let these candles do the talking, we didn't have much other decor except a gauzy curtain with white lights behind it that was the backdrop for the head table.

Reception Decor photo 4

My cake table was very simple as well. We had purchased an extra 3 yards of the BM dress material for the FG sash, so my mom took the extra and layed that out, then sprinkled some colored stones around. It was kind of done last minute on a whim, I liked it!

Reception Decor photo 5

Overall, I didn't stress too much about this part because I really couldn't, being on such a tight  budget. But I think less was more in this case!

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My name is Sam, and DH's name is Jake. He grew up on a real farm, learned construction young and was the first in his entire family to go to college. I grew up in the city, read my first book at age 3 and haven't put one down since. Together, we are a great team!


A Farm Boy and a Fun Gal photo 1  A Farm Boy and a Fun Gal photo 2

A Farm Boy and a Fun Gal photo 3 A Farm Boy and a Fun Gal photo 4


 - can build or fix anything. Anything. He's beyond a handyman and it's amazing.

 - has a passion for antique John Deere tractors. He got his first one at age 7.

 - at age 24 was the youngest intern-turned-employee to ever be given a million dollar + building contract to run on his own. Yes, I'm proud :)

 - loves NPR, especially Car Talk and Waddya Know?



 - has taken dance lessons since she was 3 years old. A few years ago I had the honor of performing during the halftime show of the Rose Bowl with my precision kick teammates.

 - is an admitted Bibliophile with an entire spare bedroom devoted to books. All the shelves are full, they are now stacking in piles on the floor :)

 - loves animals with a passion, particularly dogs. I foster as many as I can, and would adopt them all if DH didn't help reign in my addiction.

 - is mildy obssessed with the color lime green.

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**I wore Alfred Angelo 2083. She had a semi-cathedral train, and was net with sequins over satin. Here's my little secret -I bought her as is off the rack! No ordering, no sizing, I walked out of the shop and straight down the aisle!!**

THE dress photo 1 THE dress photo 2

I originally had my heart set on another, much different, gown. Alfred Angelo 2020.

THE dress photo 3  However, we had to drive 3 hours away to find the closest store that had a sample to try on, (or pay $80 to order a sample, and if I didn't like it, oh well!) so my mom and MOH and I did a road-trip. I tried on the dress, loved it, but took my family's advice about not buying the first dress you try on! So I looked at a few others, and the detail on the bodice of my gown is what caught my eye. It was all folded and bagged up, so  I had no idea of the silohouette until I tried her on. I came out of the dressing room and my mom and MOH's faces were shocked. First I thought ' bad is it?!' Then they started raving about mom called it the 'Va-Va Voom dress' LOL!

But was only the 3rd or 4th gown I tried on, so we called it a day at that shop and vowed to keep looking. A few weeks later I had a day off and was home visiting, so MOH and I went to our local bridal store that has been around for ages. I hadn't even thought to look there. Wouldn't you know it - they had Miss Va Va Voom on the rack, she had just come in the day before and no one had even tried her on! It was my size, and fit like a glove! Plus, she was $100 cheaper than the other store, and because I bought her off the rack, I got a 15% discount. I hadn't planned on buying a dress that day, but MOH just looked at me like I was crazy and said, 'it's fate - you HAVE to get this dress!'.

So I did :)

And I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, too!

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Anyone who has been on the boards for any length of time will see some of these, and it's so darn exciting when it's your turn!!


The PW Hall of Fame

Re: PW Guide Article: ~PW Hall of Fame~

09/08/2011 at 03:00 pm

We did it!!!

We did it photo 3129236-1


The List

Re: AW: I made the list!!

This was posted 09/05/2011 at 01:55 pm

This is kind of surreal, after the year of watching all the other PW brides get this far!!

Sat, September 10 - spatton21
Sat, September 10 - cupcake1818
Sat, September 10 - hiddengrace
Sat, September 10 - SDonisi
Sat, September 10 - AuntTate
Sat, September 10 - amber16ratm
Sat, September 10 - SincityBride


The Sign-Off

I posted this on 9/8/2011...3 days before the BIG Day.

Wow...I can't believe it's really here! We got engaged on Christmas Day 2008 and I don't think I really believed I was getting married until today when I was picking up FI's tux and getting my nails done! Those two things have been on the schedule for some time but to actually be doing them and telling people "I'm getting married on Saturday!" ... it's surreal.


When I started the planning journey, I had no clue what I really wanted or where to start. I found PW through a Google search for Stargazer lillies and it was the one of the most important discoveries I think I will ever make!! I would never have dared to even dream about DIYing anything before, let alone something as important as my invites. But I read through the countless stories of you lovely ladies and it gave me courage. I not only did the invites and STDs from scratch, I also did the favors and the ceremony decor. And it will all be beautiful...thanks to all of you!! Not only that, PW has given me so many ideas and shown me ways to think about things that never would have come to me without this community. Colorful shoes to go with my dress, or the wonder that is Etsy are just a few of the neat things I've found throug this site. And I never would have used the term 'BM' with such fondness before either!!


I have learned so much from so many of you, not just about wedding stuff but about relationships, family, friendship and even make-up and fashion! No matter what type of question I had, or what crazy issue I needed to vent about...there was someone there to listen and offer advice or even just a hug. That truly made a difference in my life, showing me that there are lots of good people out there and it made me feel like I mattered. PW has done wonders for my confidence in myself and in my abilities. I have given just as much advice as I have received, and I love the release that gives you to feel like you might have made a difference to someone.


My wedding day will be over after Saturday but my time on PW is just beginning! I am already getting excited to post a recap and see what everyone thinks :) From the bottom of my heart I thank all of you for your helpfulness, your willingness to listen and for your sincerity. Most of all for your awesomeness! PW rocks!! See you on the Mrs-side!