Sep 10, 2011

DH and I have been together 10 years now...holy crap! Married for nearly two and loving every second of time I spend with this wonderful man. PW was a lifesaver for my wedding and I just can't bring myself to leave! I just adore all the amazing women I meet and the opportunity to see so many creative, beautiful weddings is just awesome!
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We stayed at the Iberostar Grand Bavaro in Punta Cana...I can't recommend it enough!! The resort was beautiful and the service was amazing. We are definitely going back!!

Punta Cana Honeymoon photo 1

Punta Cana Honeymoon photo 2

Punta Cana Honeymoon photo 3

Punta Cana Honeymoon photo 4

Punta Cana Honeymoon photo 5

Punta Cana Honeymoon photo 6

Punta Cana Honeymoon photo 7 Punta Cana Honeymoon photo 8 Punta Cana Honeymoon photo 9

Punta Cana Honeymoon photo 10 Punta Cana Honeymoon photo 11

Punta Cana Honeymoon photo 12

Punta Cana Honeymoon photo 13

Punta Cana Honeymoon photo 14

Punta Cana Honeymoon photo 15 Punta Cana Honeymoon photo 16

Punta Cana Honeymoon photo 17

Punta Cana Honeymoon photo 18

Punta Cana Honeymoon photo 19

Punta Cana Honeymoon photo 20 Punta Cana Honeymoon photo 21

Punta Cana Honeymoon photo 22 Punta Cana Honeymoon photo 23

Punta Cana Honeymoon photo 24

Punta Cana Honeymoon photo 25

Punta Cana Honeymoon photo 26

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I've said it before and I"ll say it again - my photographer ROCKED!! She captured all these little things for us, and it helps remind me how special and beautiful our day really was to us.


**All pictures were taken by Rachel Miller of Big River Studios, Dubuque, IA. They are copyright released, but please give credit if you use anywhere!!**

                  Details photo 1 

Details photo 2  Details photo 3

            Details photo 4    Details photo 5

Details photo 6                  Details photo 7

                               Details photo 8 Details photo 9

                                               Details photo 10         Details photo 11


  Details photo 14  Details photo 15



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I looooove this picture of us! It perfectly captures the excitment and happiness we felt right before our big wedding weekend.

We are Licensed Except photo 1

Note - having this piece of paper does not mean you will have the actual marriage license at your ceremony. Of all things, I FORGOT to pick up our license from the court house. It was last on my list of things to do on Friday afternoon. I had a few errands to run - picking up the license was one of them - before I headed to the B&B to get ready for the rehearsal dinner that night. I didn't remember until we started the actual rehearsal, but thank goodness our officiant was calm and cool, she said immediately no worries. We just had to get it to her within so many days, so we went the following Monday with two witnesses and got it taken care of!

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This is such an honor! My cake is courtesy of 1st Avenue Bakery in Dyersville, IA. I thought she did a tremendous job with it, it was delicious as well as beautiful! Thanks for the love ladies!! :)


Cake of the Week - SDONISI

(community article)

Cake of the Week - SDONISI article photo

SDonisi had a bright and fun 3-tier wedding cake.  It was covered in apple green fondant, accented with deep pink ribbons and stargazer lilies, and topped with a personalized glass heart cake topper.

Cake of the Week photo 1 Cake of the Week photo 2

Cake of the Week photo 3

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So I had never heard of such a thing as inviting the President or Mickey and Minnie...yet another 1st from PW!

I sent out an invite to the Obama's (DH's response when he was double-checking all the envelopes before we mailed them was great: " invited the Obamas? Ok.")

In all the pre-wedding craziness, I forgot all about doing so until I got THE card in the mail! So excited to join the club!

DIY Madness photo 25

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This was THE hardest thing for me to plan! I had no clue how to accessorize my dress, which 'rules' to follow and not (like what type of necklace to wear with certain necklines). It was a nightmare and one of my biggest stressors because no one I talked to about it could understand my frustration!

Etsy became my absolute best friend in the whole world for this :)

I'm very happy with how it all turned out.

My bracelet

My Jewelry photo 1

My pride and joy, I fell in love with it and it ended up being a present from my mommy!

My earrings

My Jewelry photo 2

To match the braclet...I was finally tying it all together :)

The necklace

My Jewelry photo 3

I was very unsure about a necklace and never did find one I really liked. My mom loves to hunt through antique stores for interesting jewelry and has a huge stockpile. She brought over a few boxes of things I might like, and I was actually planning to go without a necklace but threw this one in my Bride bag at the last minute! I took it out when we were all getting ready, just to see what everyone thought. They all agreed I should wear it and I'm very glad I did! It really matched the vintage-y theme that seemed to flow through our wedding.

My headband


Another Etsy find. I was really on the fence about a veil, and when I found this I knew this look was for me!

My 'other' ring

My Jewelry photo 4


It's kind of hard to see in this picture, I never got a close up. The big blue stone on my other hand was one of my 'something blues'. My aunt surprised me with it at the rehearsal dinner, it turned out to belong to my other aunt who passed away when she was 19. I was named after her and everyone says I look just like her. I cried when she gave it to me!!

My Shoes

 My ceremony shoes. I got these for a whole DOLLAR on ebay! Apparently a shoe store had a few of these in stock for quite awhile and they were starting to discolor on the heel. I figured for $1 if they looked horrible I could find something else...but you couldn't tell! I wouldn't have know if I hadn't been told.

 My reception shoes. Custom made by an Etsy seller, I wanted them to match the BM dresses! They were super comfy, but we forgot to get an actual pic of me wearing them :(

My garter


A surprise for my John Deere loving hubby! (He collects actual antique tractors). The idea was for him to see it as he pulled it off for the garter toss, but my shy guy decided last minute he didn't want to do it. So I gave him a quick sneek peak at the reception :P