Sep 10, 2011

DH and I have been together 10 years now...holy crap! Married for nearly two and loving every second of time I spend with this wonderful man. PW was a lifesaver for my wedding and I just can't bring myself to leave! I just adore all the amazing women I meet and the opportunity to see so many creative, beautiful weddings is just awesome!
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Here's my inspiration for my hair, and it came out similar. I really love, love, love how she did my hair, but I'm thinking for the big day I may have her try to get it big closer to this picture. She just did a mess of pinned curls in the back, I think I want the elegance of how they hang down on the bride in the picture.

***If you have any suggestions for how to accomplish this, I'm all ears!!!***


My Hair and Make up Trial photo 1

Actual Trial:

My Hair and Make up Trial photo 2My Hair and Make up Trial photo 3My Hair and Make up Trial photo 4


The Make-up...

I asked for a more natural look, but I think what the MUA did hardly covers anything. I guess I meant don't make me look like a clown, no over the top lipstick or anything. So we need to work on the coverage for the foundation...and I'm thinking vamp up the eyes a bit? I want to make my eyes pop!!

My Hair and Make up Trial photo 5 My Hair and Make up Trial photo 6  This is about an hour after I got home, already my face looks shiny and gross. Definitely need to solve this problem!

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I wouldn't have even entertained the notion of DIYing anything for my wedding before I found PW!! I have ZERO crafty abilities, I'm not kidding when I say I have issues with stick people :)

But I've seen sooo many lovely things on here, I decided to give it a try. I tackled invites first, and while I was completely overwhelmed when I got started, they turned out way better than I could have hoped, and that has given me courage to try a few more things....


My inspiration and actual invites!

My DIY plans photo 1My DIY plans photo 2


I found what seemed to be an easy tutorial to make wrap-labels. Here is the inspiration: wasn't as easy as I thought! I was determined, and luckily I had a lot of time on my hand at that point! After a lot of trial and error, I came up with these that I fit 8 to a page in Microsoft Word. We printed them on 8 1/2 x 11 label paper.


My next project will be the favors. I struggled for a long time to find something unique that wouldn't break the bank, and I finally settled on cookie cutters!

My DIY plans photo 3 my inspiration


ACTUAL...I'm so incredibly pleased and proud of these!  :)



Finally, my mom and I are going to tackle pomanders for the aisle. I had first thought to do regular flower balls, but that is just going to be too much money, either to have someone make or to do ourselves. Then I found an article on tissue pomanders!

Here's the inspiration, also from PW! Bride Marinag :)

My DIY plans photo 5 We are going to do some in green and some in pink!

Hopefully the aisle will look something like this:

My DIY plans photo 6


I loooove how these turned out, my Mom did an awesome job!! We ended up using a Martha Stewart design I found on line, Google Tissue Paper Poms by Martha if you want the directions!



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Jake and I have been so lucky to be surrounded by great family and friends for this adventure that is our wedding. My four best friends in the world are my BMs, and his 2 best friends, and our brothers are his GMs.

Here's a quick look at the special people who will be sharing our day and are helping to keep us sane until then!

Maid of Honor

The Wedding Party photo 1

Cousin in name, Sister by heart.

Megan and I go waaay back! From the days of camping with our grandparents, hikes in the woods (that were always cut short) and locking each other in closets, to the wedding-planning whirlwind today. Much like sisters, we used to drive each other crazy, but she has become one of my best friends and my go-to girl!

I certainly couldn't have gotten this wedding planned (and stayed sane!) without her humor, great ideas and level-headedness.


The Wedding Party photo 2

My oldest friend!

Sara and I go all the way back to the locker room at the YMCA! We struck up a conversation there in 2nd grade and have been friends ever since. No matter how far apart we get, we can jump right in where we left off. Which is usually in the middle of a discussion on politics, rock n' roll or shopping. She shares my passion for all three, but I'll never hold a candle to her Bath and Bodyworks affinity!

The Wedding Party photo 3

Abbie and I met when I started working at Hallmark my first year of college. It was my first job and I was a little overwhelmed the first night they had me work it without a manager around. It was just Abbie and I, and she had me laughing the whole night, we've been friends ever since! We still laugh together all the time, including many late nights playing Mario Party and yelling at the bastard plumber on the screen!


The Wedding Party photo 4

I've known Whitney since I let her use the Hallmark bathroom years ago. She worked down the way at the Pretzelmaker, and they didn't have a bathroom! So she had to completely close the store when she was working alone and needed to go...I took pity on her and rescued her from the evil mall bathrooms! We've been friends ever since! I swear she and I share a brain! At least when it comes to humor :p  I tend to think the most random, off the wall things are funny, and she's right there with me! We are always calling each other going "I know you will find this amusing!" And we both have a tendency to trip over things, a fact that made our nights together at Hallmark very interesting.

Abbie and Whitney are sisters, so it makes the friendship between the 3 of us pretty easy!

The Wedding Party photo 5

Other people I'm very happy to have around me - Heather and Melissa. Heather is FI's brother's FI...keep up with that? She's going to be my personal attendant, and I'm so happy she is! She was a HUGE help at the shower and bach party, and I've never had a sister before!

The Wedding Party photo 6

Melissa is a co-worker. I've known her the shortest amount of time but she's quickly become a great friend. She would have been a personal attendant, but her FI's sister is getting married the same day as me!! So I guess she has a good excuse...! I will be a personal attendant in her 2012 wedding, and nonetheless she has been a great help in all the planning! AND a great pole-dancing partner :p

The Wedding Party photo 7

I can't tell you as much about Jake's guys...but I know he's excited to have them around. Maybe I'll even get him on here to write a quick note about them....HA! His brother Jeremy will be his Best Man, two of his closest friends, JT and Ron will be GMs, and my younger brother Giovanni as well. I'm really touched that Jake asked my brother, it means a lot to me that those two get on so well!

The Wedding Party photo 8  Heather is Jeremy's FI...proof they already look good all dressed up!

Ron and JT reenact as well!

The Wedding Party photo 9 No good pictures of them yet, they are next to the tent with Jake. Proof they are used to our eccentricities and will be ready for anything on the big day!

And finally, my bro! I don't get to see him nearly as much I would like, so I'm very grateful that he'll be such a large part of our wedding. He's one of my best friends!

The Wedding Party photo 10


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Since we have had almost a 3 year engagement, I didn't get overly excited about planning the wedding for a long time. Sure, as soon as he asked me I started checking out wedding dresses, but that quickly faded. Everything was just too much money, and it was too far away to start thinking. HA....

Wedding Planning for the Uncoordinated photo 1 (my inital inspiration board, in 2009)

We decided on Labor Day weekend 2011, this was back in December of 2009 when we finally picked a date. I started calling a few places to get some ideas for the budget, and we quickly discovered that nearly EVERYTHING we wanted for that weekend was booked!! We were floored. It was a quick initiation into the crazy world for wedding planning, that's for sure!

With the chilling thought that we were way behind on everything, I quickly jumped into action. We had to push the date back a week and ended up on 9-10-11, which we thought was pretty funny. Within a week I had the ceremony and reception site, photographer and DJ booked. Not long after that we decided on a cake person and the bridal party. Whew! That meant we had almost two years to really work out the details and take our time putting it all together. Once that initial burst was over, we really weren't that excited. There was just so much we couldn't do that far out. And since we are financially taking care of almost everything ourselves, we really had to be budget conscious. Having the time to really decide what was important to us has been a huge help. (Sure, I really want the wrought-iron garden chairs at the ceremony, but black is $2 cheaper a chair and they will be just fine!)

Wedding Planning for the Uncoordinated photo 2  (We are getting married outside this gorgeous B&B we booked for the weekend, on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi)

Flash forward to 3 months before the big day, and I'm finding a TON of stuff I want/need to do, and I'm really starting to love it! I credit PW entirely with giving me the courage and the inspiration to DIY a lot of stuff and go for ideas I may never have thought of otherwise! (Pomanders, blingy shoes and DIY invitations just to name a few!)

My favorite color is limegreen, anyone who knows me quickly realizes this! So naturally my wedding will have green incorporated.

Wedding Planning for the Uncoordinated photo 4

I am having my BMs in apple green dresses with stargazer lillies and dark pink roses, and that theme will be carried throughout. Even though the wedding is in the fall, I don't care for fall colors so I'm doing what I want. Pink and green it is!

Wedding Planning for the Uncoordinated photo 5Wedding Planning for the Uncoordinated photo 6

I so do NOT have an eye for decorating or accessories or anything that would come in handy when putting a wedding together, but I'm trying :) Our cake is going to the same shade of apple with pink ribbon and accents in the flowers the BMs will carry.

Wedding Planning for the Uncoordinated photo 7 Wedding Planning for the Uncoordinated photo 8  (The FG dress, and the BM dress in a different color)

Wedding Planning for the Uncoordinated photo 10 (inspiration for the cake)  Wedding Planning for the Uncoordinated photo 11 (My dress!)

Wedding Planning for the Uncoordinated photo 12 (Original inspriation for my bouquet, I knew I wanted to add some pink accents.)

Actual bouquets!!!



Overall, I'm not sure what you would call our wedding style. Jake is very laid back and keeps telling me that I should do what I want and he knows that whatever I come up with will be great. I see all these pictures of elegant tablescapes and cute candy bars, ice sculptures and rose petal aisles and I admire those girls so much!! As much as I love so many of the ideas I see here on PW, I will never be able to pull it off! Either I just don't have the DIY chops or it's way out of my price range, but I'm slowly pulling together a simple, cute wedding that incorporates a few of my visions, and we are doing it all for right about $8K. Not bad for a non-creative gal on a budget!!

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I was never the girl who grew dreaming about her perfect wedding dress, Prince Charming...or fairtytale anything, really. In fact, even though I'm now 25, the idea of getting married still blows my mind! Nonetheless, my best friend in the whole world asked me to marry him on Christmas day 2008 and I said YES!! 

Our Non Fairytale Romance photo 1 

Jake and I met when I was 16, and he had just turned 20. We are both Civil War reenactors (but not the nerdy kind, just the social, history-loving kind :p ) and we met at an event in Wisconsin through mutual friends. It turns out we had been going to the same events for years and never ran into each other! That first night it stormed so bad we all had to take cover at a shelter house, so Jake and I set up all night talking. We lived 3 hours apart, but he drove to see me nearly every weekend until I was done with school! Looking back on it, I think our time apart yet together actually strengthened our relationship. Long distance doesn't work for everyone but it sure did for us!

Our Non Fairytale Romance photo 2

We ended up going to college together (Jake had gotten his AA and thought he didn't want to go any further with school, but I convinced him otherwise. He still thanks me!) and getting an apartment. By that time we had been together 4 years and while we talked of marriage "someday", we always knew we wanted to wait until we were settled and could plan for a real life together.

Our Non Fairytale Romance photo 3

Jake and I are both old-souls. We have never been the partying kind, even in college. We've always enjoyed quiet nights, or activities that we could do just the two of us or with a small group of friends. We much prefer a good dinner and a movie to a night at the bar. Not to say we don't get out and enjoy ourselves from time to time, but we sure are not the typical young couple! While we certainly have our arguments, we' ve never had the big drama I see so many of our friends go through. I like to say we're pretty chill!

Our Non Fairytale Romance photo 4


Our Non Fairytale Romance photo 5


The Proposal

As graduation grew closer, we realized we had been through so much together already and knew the day would come when we would get married, but we still talked about it as an eventual thing. For sure we wanted to wait until after school when we both had jobs so we could afford it. I graduated mid-year in December, and Jake had until May. Imagine my surprise when, on Christmas day evening at my family's house, he followed me into a back bedroom where I had gone to get one last present (for the dog!) I turned out and he was standing there with a ring box!!

Our Non Fairytale Romance photo 6

It wasn't the proposal I had imagined, when I even gave thought to that kind of thing. But it was perfect. He said "I've been trying to figure out how to ask you all day, and I just couldn't wait any longer." He followed that up by saying "Guess what? I'm going to get another tractor!" Jake hobby farms and has always collected John Deere tractors, and I always kid him for spending waaay too much money on those things. I finally put my foot down and told him he couldn't buy another tracter unti after graduation and when I had a 'pretty'. Well, I got my pretty and he got his tractor that summer!

We've had a long engagement. He asked me in December of 2008 and we will be getting married in September of 2011. This way we have been able to save up and really have the wedding we want, and we've bought a farm and a puppy in between time!! We now both have the good jobs we dreamed about, and are finally getting excited for the wedding. At first, it seemed so far away that it was ridiculous to talk about, and I still sometimes can't believe I'm actually getting married!

Our Non Fairytale Romance photo 7  Our Non Fairytale Romance photo 8

So overall, we are not the typical infatuated, wedding-obsessed couple...but towad the end it all came together and it was soooo exciting! Thanks to PW I'm finding that I really enjoy the planning and organizing. And Jake was just excited about the idea of a big ol' party with all of our friends, he said all along that he trusted me to make it perfect! 

I'm so unbelievably happy right now, it's crazy. I married my best friend and we a darn good life right now. I had  the wedding I didn't even know was in my dreams and the the day WAS magic :)