Sep 25, 2010

Kate Baker Floral Design
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Kate was amazing and we were thrilled with her work! She is very patient and sweet and she not only listens to what you want and what fits your personality and style, she executes it perfectly. We had seen her past work and knew she could make beautiful arrangements when we first booked her, but we were even more impressed with what she did for our wedding-- it truly exceeded our expectations and wow-ed our guests. Our altarpiece was definitely a risk, because we had a specific idea for the flowers that was very different from anything that we'd seen done before in that venue (especially since the altar area was already nontraditional: an outdoor lawn centered on a huge branch of a beautiful old tree). Instead of trying to convince us to do something else, Kate jumped head first into brainstorming with us and helping solidify our unique vision for the altar florals. Because we could only make a rough sketch of it/there was no real precedent, we really had to trust her-- it could've easily been a train wreck in the hands of a lesser florist, but it turned out truly breathtaking!! It was exactly what we wanted, elegantly enhancing (not overwhelming) the gorgeous natural setting while also complimenting our overall wedding decor style. Kate also did some troubleshooting on our reception arrangements: we were having the hardest time finding modern looking silver/grey vessels in our price range, and she found ones that were perfect. And for the big mission impossible: We had a modest budget but all our favorite types/styles of flowers are not cheap (orchids, callas, etc), and Kate never shied away from helping us figure out where we could cut costs and how we could be creative with making a less expensive version of the same thing. She really makes you feel comfortable expressing whatever you need/like/dislike-- you never feel pressured to do anything that you're not 100% excited about. (When she made our sample reception arrangement, we gave her a bunch of notes on parts we didn't like, and she happily made the changes so that the real arrangements turned out exactly how we wanted them!) In short, she is so talented and so lovely, and we couldn't recommend her more!
Services used: Flowers