Sep 18, 2010

Dino Bovo Photography
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Dino Bovo was the perfect photographer for us-honest, engaging, flexible, inexpensive, and good.

Dino was the only photographer we met with (after a lot of research) and it was a great match. We met with him more than a year before the wedding and ironed out almost all of the details right away. He came with stacks of albums and his laptop-he showed us his best photos, of course, but he also showed us entire weddings. We knew that he wasn’t hiding anything and we got a sense of what his overall work would be. It was also wonderful to hear him complimenting the couples in his photographs!

Leading up to (and during) the wedding he politely offered professional, well thought-out advice, but also encouraged us to suggest anything we wanted. He struck a wonderful balance between getting what we wanted, and suggesting the things he knew to be best based on his experience.

He took mostly improv shots with us, but he handled the posed portraits with family with incredible grace, good humor, and speed. He would pose a group of us, take his shots, and then get out of the way so family members could take theirs. When my husband and I took our photographs he had suggestions but encouraged us to come up with our own ideas and was up for anything that was suggested. I’ve been through our photographs many times, and though some shots are of course better than others, I’ve not seen a single bad picture.

We used the digital package and it was an incredible value. We had him for eight and a half hours and had around 700 photographs. As another reviewer said he might not be the “artiest,” so if your goal with wedding photographs is to win art contests or show them off on blogs, he might not be the perfect photographer for you. But if you want an enthusiastic professional who truly loves his job, will do whatever asked with good humor and joy, treat you honestly, respect your decisions, and deliver great photographs in a timely manner, for a fantastic price, then Dino Bovo is absolutely the photographer for you.
Services used: Photography

Hyeholde Restuarant
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
We used Hyeholde for our September 2010 wedding ceremony and reception. They were the only place we visited and the only place we wanted.

The staff is absolutely fantastic. Matthew, who manages the Round Room, answered any question thrown at him promptly, calmly, and completely. Never once did he try to “sell” us anything; actually he spoke up if he thought we were overdoing the amount of food. He and his staff were on top of every detail we could think of and many we couldn’t. After the ceremony he was there with snacks and water. (note: Jeffrey was the day of coordinator before Matthew. We met with both and every fantastic thing someone says about Jeffrey is true of Matthew).

The food was delicious. We had a buffet of pasta primavera, green beans, minted baby zucchini, smashed Yukon potatoes, prime rib, and grilled chicken marsala. We received so many compliments. Everyone loved the food, ate plenty, and there was still leftovers (which tasted great).

The outdoor location is lovely. We were outdoors and it was perfect; plenty of room for all of us, but still intimate. The round room itself is also beautiful-a roughly oval room with half the area windows overlooking a nice little “yard.” It’s perfect as is, so you can get away with very little decoration, but it won’t overpower if you want to go elaborate. The “yard” was popular during the reception when people wanted to take a break from dancing and get a little air.

And Hyeholde is a fantastic value. Please please don’t be intimated by the food or pictures-it’s incredibly affordable. We scrimped a bit on things other than Hyeholde, but our entire wedding (including Hyeholde, photographer, dress, etc.) was still under $7,000 for 62 people. And of that Hyeholde provided ceremony location, ceremony seating, reception location, food, tables, utensils, and Matthew as the day of coordinator. They even took care of “bathroom baskets.” If you go to their website, everything is listed so you can see right away if it will work for you and your budget.

I cannot recommend Hyeholde highly enough for couples who want a unique, intimate location that will respond politely to every request and take care of practically every detail-which is actually every couple I’ve ever met planning a wedding.
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