Jun 04, 2011

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Hmm all turned out a bit differently then planned but it was amazing and beautiful. No headaches but several late nights before the wedding.

The night before I went to bed about 3am and got up at 6.38am.....couldn't sleep really. There was still so much to do as our house was full of guests which were sleeping even at the places which were supposed to be a venue. So basically cleaning and fresh food making madness next day.

We managed though.

Will carry on later and add more work for the degree....hand in on Monday!:oO

Degree done! Exhibition done! Good results too.:o)

Just read all the things I planned....I almost didn't change anything except all turned out to be nicer then I imagined.:o)

I have done all my stationary....the night before we all were making flowers for guests and Orders of Service.....we run out of ink, the paper we bought was too dark so at the end it was done at the last minute.





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It was nice hot day and I was dangling my legs down from scaffolding in second floor and painting happily a window. I was helping my dad. Then suddenly there he was staring at me from his bedroom....not for long but enough make me completely red. I did like him straight did he but it took another year or two before we speak to each other. We did bump into each other occasionally but never said anything. Then it took another few years before we started dating.

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In January when I was looking around and didn't know what this is all about....hmmm not sure if I got the grip yet.....I found somebody talking about these invitations for bridesmaids and also reference to some website where that original idea come from. I very liked the idea as it was personal and it let the girls know how many of them I have on my mind and also what kind of decor and dresses they should look for.

I made that invitation for them.

So if the person I got this idea from sees this please let me know your name so I can credit you here. ( I have seen it again months later on other profile but no one credited).

 Bridesmaids invitations photo 1

Bridesmaids invitations photo 2

I asked three of my friends and Nick's sister Vicky. Our dog Amber is one of the bridesmaids too. :o) Vladka might not make it as she is pregnant with twins and the fact that the date moved to June will make big difference to her. The boys are due to be born at the end of June.:o/

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I didn't buy any dresses for my bridesmaids. I don't like putting somebody into dress they don't like or they might not feel comfortable in. Also each of my girls is so different in height, size and character. However I wanted to give them something they can wear and as a thank you for being by my side on my wedding day so I bought for each pearls.

Presents photo 1Presents photo 2

Presents photo 3

This one is for our flower girl

Presents photo 4

Presents photo 5

Our ushers, driver and my brother got some prsents too.

The same tie and socks as the groom have.

Presents photo 6

 Finishing touch

Presents photo 7

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We have got a dilemma.....shall I be very sexy or very natural?

I wanted smokey I have done a trial. One eye natural and one sexy smokey on one face. Took photographs of myself to see which eye looks nice. Most of us are for the sexy look then the natural.

Make up photo 1

Make up photo 2

There you go almost whole face...bit misshaped but you got the puzzle.:oP

The natural eye looks bigger I think but the other one is smokey.:o)

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I'm ready.

Got something jewelry. Friend of my friend made it for me and she also used some of the beads I  removed from the wedding dress. She put very nice detail on it..."made with love"

It was quite difficult to find something else then pearls to go with my dress as it is a bit strange. Pearls would work however Czech people believe they mean tiers if the bride wear them.


The bride photo 1

Got something old. I removed little cotton flower from my mum's wedding dress....I'll attach that to my bunch of flowers.

Something borrowed.....hmmm I have to see if somebody will borrow me something....maybe Sheila will attach her little pin to my bunch too. She already showed me that pin however we didn't know where to put it without me stubbing myself with it.

Something blue.

The bride photo 2

Six pence in the it from ebay except I'll have to put probably blue tack on it otherwise it will fly out of my shoe...they are open.

So am I ready?