Sep 22, 2012

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So I knew that Jeffrey had bought a ring and had paid if off (he put it on lay-away at the local jewelry store).  I did not know that this would be the day he would propose.  We had planned to go ice skating at Centennial Park.  Little did we know that it would be in the high 60s. When we first got to the parking deck, I noticed that Jeffrey got a Subway cup out of the trunk that was in a cooler.  I did not think anything of it because he does stuff like that all the time.  We walked around the park and he sat me down on a bench.  Then he opened the cup and started telling me about the refrigeration process (he is a HVAC service tech) Then he said "Well this cannot wait until dinner because it will melt before then"and he got down and proposed, with the ice in an ice cube. His original plan was to propose at dinner or in the elevator to the Westin.  It was still really sweet though.  No one thought it would be nearly 70 on December 15th!  It was a great day. We spend the rest of the day ice skating (me holding him up), dinner at Aunt Pitty Pats Porch, going up to the top of the Westin, going on a horse and carriage ride and walking around Atlanta. It was amazing. Here are a few pics. The Engagement photo 1The Engagement photo 2The Engagement photo 3The Engagement photo 4The Engagement photo 5The Engagement photo 6