Dec 01, 2010

Best Bridal & Tailoring
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
My bridal gown shopping experience was fantastic. I went to a total of 8 bridal shops and decided to go with Best Bridals for their exquisite taste, quality of work and great customer service. They are a small but well stocked, organized and very clean bridal shop; the owner of the shop Ashley Chung is great, she is very honest, not pushy, and knowledgeable of the styles; throughout the entire process she was upfront with me about costs and timelines. I still remember the first time I went to the store, she and her husband were very friendly; what impressed me the most, was that from all of the stores that I had been to, she was the only one who actually told me what styles looked good on my body. In my case, since I had been to so many stores already I had a style I liked in mind and she ordered it for me (of course I did my research and knew that they carried the designer dress I wanted). The fact that she and her husband have been tailors for over 25 years was the other reason I decided to go with Best Bridals, especially after reading the alteration horror stories from customers that bought their gowns in other stores. When the dress finally arrived I was surprised of how well it fit, we didn’t have to do much, except for the bustle and take it in a bit on the top part of the dress. My mom couldn’t be with me to pick some of the accessories for the dress. Ashley helped me with EVERYTHING, she was great, and what I liked the most was the she was very honest when something didn’t look good on me. The day of the wedding I felt like a million dollars, everything together looked amazing and I was really grateful to have found this store and have Ashley and her husband help me through this experience.
Services used: Dress & Attire