May 15, 2010

( 4.8 / 5.0 )
You won't be dissappointed ... GO HERE!! The staff is amazing! From the owner to the workers. My only complaint was there is one worker there that really rubbed me the wrong way... I was going back for a second visit and the girl originally helping me was tied up with another bride when I arrived so I got a new girl... tall blonde, like super tall blonde, straight hair.... I did not like her at all. She was very short with me and frankly did not like the way she talked to me... kind of snotty. I would ask her a question and she just ignored me. I kept hearing her complain that she was suppose to help another family. I was thinking really... I can freakin hear you! I felt like I was a total burden to her. I even told her, look you can switch with another person if you must. I saw my original girl, Marissa and I said please help me. She was eating her lunch and stopped to assist me! I was soo happy. Don't get me wrong everyone ELSE is amazing. I met and spoke with all the girls... but save your self and don't get the super tall blonde! Hate to say it but she has got to go. I don't know much about designers or their gowns but I told Marissa what I was looking for and she found me the perfect dress! Special thanks to Miss Patty (owner), Renee (manager) and Marissa and Breanna! I loved these gals!

They have an excellent section! And I didn't feel any pressure of upsells. I told them my budget and they respected it and kept me under! I truly appreciate all there help.

Thanks Camarillo Bridal!!!
Services used: Dress & Attire