Dec 16, 2011

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Originally I was going to have my flower girl dress bought from Alfred Angelo since that's where I bought my dress. Although their dresses are beautiful, the dresses range from $100-150+. I felt terrible having to ask my future sister in law to pay that much!

Out of no where I came across the nancy august website and its sale. WOW! Below are the two picks that I am leaving up to Elisabeth (our flower girl) to choose. And the prices? No more than $60! Amazing! Fabulous! And what a steal!!

Flower Girl Dress STEAL photo 1

Flower Girl Dress STEAL photo 2

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The day before I proposed, I asked her father to join me for lunch.  It was Good Friday.  Natalie was at work, and myself and Danny (Her dad) were both at home.  It seemed like the opportune time.  I called him and we agreed to meet at his favorite restaurant.  We spoke for hours and about an hour into the conversation I told her father the main reason why I had asked him out.   He seemed surprised which in turn was surprising to me.  I was certain he had a hunch as to why I asked him to lunch.  We usually only do lunch on Tuesdays, so I figured a Friday lunch would tip him off (That's just a joke, we had never had lunch just the two of us).  Anyway, after hours of talk and with his approval we decided the following day would be the perfect time.  I planned to go to the house in the afternoon, propose with her family there, and we would then go to Easter Vigil mass and then dinner along with my parents. 

That same night, Natalie and I were supposed to have dinner. She thought that I went golfing with the boys - which was easy to cover up why I was feeling so "nice" - due to the amount of alcohol that Danny and I both consumed. She seemed a bit frustrated. I could barely stand, let alone walk. We went to Uno's - where Eric (now a groomsmen) works. She was short with me and in return even my friend had to shut me off as the bartender. After a quick, and I mean quick, dinner - Natalie brought me home frustrated and with good reason. Our date night was cut short. She went home and complained to her parents about how drunk I was - having had explained why she was home by 9:00 on Friday evening. But she still had no idea - so in the end I win! HAHA! Just kidding.

I showed up late afternoon on Saturday as if I was just going to church with them.  Everyone in the house knew what was coming except Natalie.  I was about as nervous as you could be, but I wasn't quite sure why.  I knew what I wanted to do.  I was fairly confident she would say yes.  But for some reason, the excitement, anxiety and emotion had me sweating bullets.  Natalie asked me if I was okay.  For all of you who know me, you know I have just about every stomach ailment that you can imagine.  So I told her, my stomach was bothering me and she asked if I wanted some medicine.  I said sure, because it would get her upstairs where I could get a moment alone with her.  I wanted to propose to her at her house with her family there, but I also wanted to be alone with her at that exact moment. She wondered why I was following her - I never do so at her parent's house.  It was a pretty normal conversation right up until the second I "popped the question".  I was rambling about how I love her, and how I want to marry her someday.  As she's pouring me a glass of water, she's like "what the heck, are you rambling about?"  I dropped to a knee, pulled out the ring and asked her to marry me right in the middle of the kitchen.  She didn't answer me for what I can remember for at least a minute.  She was crying, laughingand in shock (she even forgot which finger to even put the ring on - even after all those times of jokingly singing "Put A Ring On It)She finally said "yes", and after a few moments together we went down to meet with her parents and brother.

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8 - 7 Months

  • Consolidate all guest lists: bride's, groom's, bride's family, groom's family, and organize as follows
  • Develop a record-keeping system for payments made
  • Buy a calendar and note all important activities: showers, luncheons, parties, get-togethers, etc.
  • Select maid of honor, best man, bridesmaids and ushers
  • Select and book photographer
  • Determine your color scheme
  • Select and order your bridal gown and headpiece
  • Select and reserve your reception site
  • Select and reserve your officiant
  • Select and reserve ceremony site
  • Determine budget and how expenses will be shared
  • Determine the type of wedding you want: location, formality, time of day, number of guests, etc.
  • Announce your engagement
  • Select a date for your wedding


6 - 5 Months - 

  • Select attendants' dresses, shoes, and accessories
  • Select and book reception musicians or DJ
  • Select and book florist 
  • Select and book caterer, if needed.
  • Select and order wedding invitations, announcements, and other stationery such as thank-you notes, wedding programs, and seating cards.
  • Select baker and order cake


4 Months 

  • Reserve rental items needed for ceremony and reception
  • Finalize guest list
  • Address invitations
  • Schedule fittings and delivery dates for yourself, attendants, and flower girl.
  • Set date, time and location for rehearsal dinner
  • Arrange accommodations for out-of-town guests
  • Purchase shoes and accessories
  • Begin to break-in your shoes
  • Start shopping for each other's wedding gifts


2 - 3 Months 

  • Create favors – lieu of favors : donation to March of Dimes
  • Select and order room decorations
  • Shop for wedding rings and engrave them
  • Purchase gifts for wedding attendants

6 - 8 Weeks 

  • Mail invitations. Include accommodation choices and a map to assist guests in finding the ceremony and reception sites.
  • Maintain a record of RSVPs and all gifts received. Send thank-you notes upon receipt of gifts
  • Determine hairstyle and make-up
  • Schedule to have your hair, makeup, and nails done the day of the wedding
  • Finalize shopping for wedding day accessories, such as toasting glasses, ring pillow, guest book, etc.
  • Check requirements to change your name and address on your driver's license, social security card, insurance policies, subscriptions, bank accounts, etc.
  • Select a guest book attendant. Decide where and when to have guests sign in
  • Mail invitations to rehearsal dinner
  • Plan a luncheon or dinner with your bridesmaids. Give them their gifts at that time or at the rehearsal dinner.
  • Find "Something old, something new, something borrowed something blue, and a six pence (or shiny penny) for your shoe.
  • Finalize your menu.
  • Select and reserve wedding attire for groom, ushers, father of the bride, and ring bearer


2 - 6 Weeks 

  • Confirm ceremony details with your officiant
  • Arrange final fitting of bridesmaids' dresses
  • Have final fitting of your gown and headpiece
  • Finalize rehearsal dinner plans; arrange seating and write names on place cards, if desired.
  • Make final floral selections
  • Make a detailed timeline for your wedding party
  • Make a detailed timeline for your service providers
  • Confirm details with all service providers, including attire. Give them a copy of your wedding timeline
  • Finalize addressing and stamping announcements
  • Contact guests who haven't responded
  • Pick up rings and check for fit
  • Meet with photographer and confirm special photos you want taken
  • Meet with videographer and confirm special events or people you want videotaped
  • Meet with musicians and confirm music to be played during special events, such as the first dance.
  • Remind bridesmaids and ushers of when and where to pick up their wedding attire
  • Determine ceremony seating for special guests. Give a list to the ushers
  • Plan reception room layout and seating with your reception site manager or caterer. Write names on place cards for arranged seating.

The Last Week 

  • Pick up wedding attire and make sure everything fits
  • Do final guest count and notify your caterer or reception site manager
  • Gather everything you will need for the rehearsal and wedding day
  • Review the schedule of events and last minute arrangements with your service providers. Give them each a detailed timeline.
  • Familiarize yourself with guests' names.
  • Arrange for kennel services forKingston.

The Rehearsal Day 

  • Review list of things to bring to the rehearsal
  • Give the best man the officiant's fee and any other checks for service providers. Instruct him to deliver these checks the day of the wedding.
  • Arrange for someone to bring accessories, such as flower basket, ring pillow, guest book and pen, toasting glasses, cake-cutting knife, and napkins to the ceremony and reception.
  • Arrange for someone to mail announcements the day after the wedding
  • Arrange for someone to return rental items, such as tuxedos, slip, and cake pillars after the wedding
  • Provide each member of your wedding party with a detailed schedule of events/timelines for the wedding day
  • Review ceremony seating with ushers.
  • Drop offKingstonat kennel.

Things to Bring to the Rehearsal

  • Parents of the Bride & Groom gifts
  • Bridesmaids' gifts
  • Fake bouquet or ribbon bouquet from bridal shower
  • Groom's gift
  • Reception maps and wedding programs
  • Rehearsal information and ceremony formations
  • Seating diagrams for head table and parents' tables
  • Wedding schedule of events/timeline
  • Marriage license
  • Ushers' gifts
  • Service providers' fees to give to best man or wedding consultant so s/he can pay them at the wedding
  • Camera and film
  • Bride's gift



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So we are moving right along with our planning and this upcoming week we will reach our six month mark. So excited. Can't believe how fast time flies. We sent out our Save The Dates and I decided to go with VistaPrint for a couple of reasons: their reasonable prices and I didn't have the time to create some on my own. As for the pictures that were taken, they were done so by my mother since we haven't had our engagement session with our photographer just yet. So we plopped on a chair in my parent's beautiful backyard and my mother shot away with her good ol' Canon! Why not, right? Below are some of our pics from our "shoot".

 Our Save The Dates photo 1Our Save The Dates photo 2Our Save The Dates photo 3


And these are our Save the Dates...

Our Save The Dates photo 1

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Our venue is booked and we are so excited! Narrowing down our venues was somewhat easy - our hearts were set on the date and any one that was not available we didn't see. However, our first venue had our hearts right much in fact that it was always on our minds. We constantly compared it to the other sites.

We were really impressed witht the grounds, the photo ops since it will be in during the month of December, and the elegance and sense of comfort it represents when one enters it. We decided on The Villa, which you can find information about it on We couldn't be happier. We were really impressed with the fact that our coordinator, Lauren, remembered a friend of ours who married a year before. She didn't play it off as if she knew her name, she remembered her entire name and the wedding party - now that's awesome Customer Service!

So our 275+ guests will be in the Grand Ball Room and we have decided to revamp our decorations. I know that we are set on having the table setting but since it's a Friday night, we are thinking that candle lights and a short centerpiece will probably work best!


So one more check on our to do list is marked off! WE BOOKED OUR VENUE!!! YAY!!!

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Wedding Countdown Ticker

 I decided to make my profile private...If you would like, please friend request me!

Scott and I met in high school - I was a freshman and he was a sophomore. We met on Bus #9 and on a dare from a friend, I spoke to him for the first time. We becamee friends and eventually high school sweethearts. At the end of my senior year, we both decided to go our separate ways.

Scott and I went on to different colleges - we explored life, met new people and had different experiences. We always remained in contact - and from time to time tried to give our relationship another shot; but it just wasn't our time. In 2004, we both graduated and I was still convinced that Scott and I would find our way back to each other, just like we always did; however, due to jobs, personal life, etc. time would show, it just wasn't the right time...YET!

They say if you love something, let it go; if it returns then it's yours - that saying couldn't be more fitting. In 2008, Scott and I reconnected. Three years later, more in love and more connected than ever...Scott proposed in April, 2011. We couldn't be more happier! We are so excited about the wedding planning process and are looking forward to spending the rest of our lives as Mr. & Mrs.!