Aug 01, 2010

Rev. Rob Figley of All Faiths Wedding Ministries
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
There is not space enough in this review to fully explain how bad this business is.

In a nutshell, he could not perform services agreed to in email conversations because of misunderstandings on his part and bad business practices. Our grievances with Reverend Figley are simple.

1. He maintains that we told him a starting time of 4:30pm and could not perform the ceremony at 4:00pm due to a wedding he booked at 3:00pm. Yet, every written communication between us stated that our ceremony would be at 3:30pm or 4:00pm.

2. He refuses to refund monies paid, referencing a non-refundable clause in the contract. This contract also specifies a time of 4:00pm and was never signed by Reverend Figley, meaning it is not a valid contract that anyone can be held to the terms containted within it.

Bottom line: There are many wedding officiants in the Portland area that will do a much better job for the same amount of money. Reverend Figley is quite simply a bad business man with awful business practices. As a tip from this experience, always ask an officiant how many weddings they will book per day. Most will not book a wedding within an hour of another, especially if the drive time from one venue to another is at least 30 minutes (as was the case here). Take your time and get to know your minister to be sure that they will make your day special and not potentially ruin it. Hopefully this review will save you some time so you can eliminate one bad candidate.

In response to the vender's reply: Sadly, Robert's behavior as a business owner have not changed, even if his policy has. He refers to a wedding booked at 2:00pm. This was not the case. As with everything else in the review above, I have email correspondence with them where they say they booked another wedding at 3:00pm, just as I do emails where they agree to a start time for our wedding of 3:30pm or 4:00pm. The fact that Robert can look at the communications between us and feel that he is even slightly in the right is apalling. I would not trust him to be an officiant, Santa Claus, or any other business he wants to conduct and will advise anyone else against it as well.
Services used: Officiant
Rev. Rob Figley of All Faiths Wedding Ministries
We are sorry that Matt still feels this way. We tried to resolve this matter with him. We did meet with them in January, and unfortunately, we accepted their retainer for our services before they were ready to turn in their contract. Their contract did not arrive at our house until June, and they had changes the time of their wedding. We felt horrible as we did accept another wedding at 2:00 on that same afternoon and for us, moving their wedding up to 4:00 was cutting it to close. As such, we offered to refund 1/2 ($25.00) of the retainer and accept half of the responsibility for this change. Matt was not happy with this. We are sorry this issue could not be resolved. We are thrilled that found a wonderful officiant to suit their needs. In the course of 11 years this is the first time this has ever happened. Since them, we have revised our practice to not accept retainers without the contract. We wish Matt a lifetime of happiness in his marriage.