Oct 16, 2010

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Our reception was fabulous, not in the traditional "ballroom fabulous" that so many do, but it was us and we worked really hard to make a total 1970's floor to ceiling wood panel into something more elegant :) I had some before pictures somewhere, but the after is the important part :) We literally had to drape every wall that was exposed, we also put my mom and aunts wedding dresses in display behind the big ugly rock fireplace to draw attention away from it. I think my biggest regret is not renting a dance floor to go in the middle of the room, there were two built in dance floors in the corners of the room, so it made it awkward for people to dance, so there actually wasn't much dancing...which was disappointing but you know not everyone's wedding can be an club dance party ;) 

Reception photo 1Reception photo 2Reception photo 3Reception photo 4

As you can tell, we didn't do a lot of flowers, they were so expensive! I would have loved to do more flowers, but my budget was spent on all the draping and linen for the reception room.

Outside there was a long bench that we covered in pillows found at the 99 cents only store (they were 100% was the find of the century!) The flower arrangements were recycled from the ceremony. 

Reception photo 5

Party People! (or not)

I'll update this in a little while...late for work! 


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I'm doing this backwards by already being married! I was fine not to obsess over weddings right after our wedding, but now I'm back to obsessing! I figure I can at least be helpful and give advice to all the baby brides! 

I've been married 4 months (!) already and really nothing has changed, life will eventually go back to normal and on you go away into life! Enjoy the short time planning your wedding, it goes quickly and then it's over in a matter of hours. It's unfair really. Anyway, enough of me yammering on..I have a few pictures to show and the video if I ever get around to it!


In the mean time, go over to (no affiliation). Seriously one of the best sites out there. Lots of practical advice about marriage (and weddings!). Seriously go there now.