May 26, 2012

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Happily Ever After Starts Here

Halloween Night 2010

Jodie and two of her girlfriends decided to hit up a bar that they never go to this particular night on the town in Ottawa, ON. The Great Canadian Cabin was regularly a country bar and Jodie hated country music because she didn't know how to dance to it. Luckily this night they were playing all types of music. Scoping out the scene we saw a guy who had scary blue eyes, so Ashley, Jodie's friend started up a conversation. They soon went outside and brought back with them two guy friends. One being Bob. Ashley comes back over and says "I call dibs on the blue eyed guy" and Jodie was perfectly fine with that because she fell for Bob the moment she saw him. He introduces himself and Jodie says, "I'm not going to call you Bob, I'll call you Bobby." Bob had never let anyone call him that before but for some reason it was okay that Jodie did.

The group danced and drank the night away. As the night came to a close the guys invited us girls back to Bob's temp house down the street on Clarence. Once there, Bob and Jodie escaped from the others and holed up in his room where we talked and kissed for hours uncounted. 

A photo was captured of them that night listening and singing along to Just a Dream by Nelly. That picture looks as though they had been dating for years and were madly in love.

Believe it or not, they were.

Love at first dance.



Isn't he handsome! Just some pictures of us over the last year.






 Our Fur Family Members

 Say hello to "Romeo" our beautiful baby boy. He is Rottweiller and Husky mix. Born August 29th. He is so intelligent and makes a great addition to our little home.

Here he is at 8 weeks old, 5.5 Months and 9 months.


Say hello to "Valentine" AKA "Tiny" our beautiful baby girl. She is a wild kitten we took in. Not even 7 weeks old yet.


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