Dec 07, 2013

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Joe and I met met in a remote location. No, scratch that a REALLY remote location. We met fighting our way as lowbies on Elwynn forest, what is Elwynn forest you ask? It's a virtual place in the game World of Warcraft. Yes, we are somewhat dorky.. but not much.. well me anyways ;)

                                    Lovely love photo 1

We became instant friends. It was all very surreal considering we did not run in the same circle of friends on the game, we hadn't even heard of each other. It was all about someone nice helping out someone random in the forest. I wasn't looking, he was just killing... we talked, we chatted, we left each other and went on about our day. A few days later Joe had thumb surgery. (He was being all macho in "karate" class and he broke him thumb) I didn't hear from him for about three weeks. When I did, we talked more.. and more.. I found out fascinating things about him.. blue eyed cop.. yeah that was enough ;) soon our chatting went into voice chat, and then the phone.. a few months after that he mailed me some flowers and a bear just because :) Soon, I found out Joe was moving to FLA! it was all coincidence really. His sister wanted his mom to move for a while.. he tagged along to start what has been a beautiful love affair.

                                          Lovely love photo 2

When he officially moved to Miami we became inseparable. We live together and he is my best friend in the whole world. Life wouldn't be the same without him. Around 8 months later Joe proposed marriage in front of my family. He was sooo nervous, I was more nervous. It was a short speech as I quickly said YES!! We're planning a winter wedding in 2012. We know what we want, we have the same dreams and we love each other. What's better then that?

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 As of Today Joe and I are working together in the Real Estate field. I never thought we'd end up as team-mates of our own business but we have and we make a great match. The wedding has been moved around alot because of finances, but now, we are able to officially say we are getting Married Dec 7, 2013 and mean it!